Bebe And Jessie For Issue 10

3 June 2016

It's every little girl's dream to become a princess. A lot of us plan our fairytale weddings to our prince charmings as soon as we can walk in our mum's shoes; or in Bebe Cave's case it was her sister Jessie's shoes. The girls are actresses. You know 'Harry Potter' right? Jessie played Lavender, Ron's girlfriend. Her ten year younger sister Bebe on the other hand, is hoarding all the princess roles, including in upcoming movie role as Violet in fantasy horror film 'Tale of Tales', which is out in cinemas the 17th of June. However, this isn't a princess aka Frozen style, Bebe plays a bad-ass princess that's dirty, torn apart and covered in blood deep amidst the Italian forest.

Our tenth anniversary's serving of the Girls by Boys feature, Mark Shearwood visits the girls at home and captures them in their safe space, or as Bebe would say, 'the walls that signify the repressed eight year old inside of me.' Rachel Caulfield opened up a wardrobe of exciting apparel for the girls, while Brady Lea and Liz Marsden dolled them up.

Bebe Cave is a bundle of cute giggles and dramatic hand gestures, flamboyantly throwing her arms in the air over the slightest of incidents. This beautiful English rose meets sass-bomb, is the first to meet us in The Riding House Cafe in London one evening, and as we await her sister Jessie's arrival, she spills the beans on their relationship.

"I think when you’re the youngest and you have to sit through all of their dramas, you have to learn to be resilient and understanding. At least that’s what my mum says, she says I’m the Golden Child."

We're told she'll play nice as soon as her sister enters. Jessie greets us with ginormous smiles and a chirpy typhoon of ginger braids with quirky, large rimmed glasses, bopping into the cafe and ordering an americano. She talks about her sister with heart-warming sincerity and pride, enough to make anyone jealous of their strong sisterhood.

"Bebe was a very fat child. Now she has grown up into a really glamorous, very kind, yet sometimes quite a moody person. You're less attractive than me though. I have better thighs. You have a more aesthetically pleasing face, and you have better boobs."

Bebe was clearly inspired significantly by her older sister and Jessie humbly accepted it, but the girls have their own personal muses, which can be discovered in their 8-page Issue 10 feature. 'Tale of Tales' is out in cinemas on the 17th of June, also featuring BBG fave twins Christian and Jonah Lees.

Hair BRADY LEA at Stella Creative Artists
Make Up LIZ MARSDEN at Caren

Words by Savannah Liu.

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