How To Be Swedish

21 July 2016
Taking out the recycling bins before popping in to the bakery for a Fika on the way to your morning swim in the nearby lake, flowing blonde locks so long they brush your even longer limbs. Maybe we're stereotyping, but doesn't it sound like an ideal start to your day? It's time to ask the oracle that is the BBG Video Diaries.
From ABBA to IKEA, Sweden is probably the most stereotyped and imitated Nordic country - nay, nationality - but as emulating something as a model is the sincerest form of flattery, let's admit it, we're just jealous. Talking of models, we see boys from all over the world visiting us in our office everyday and recently we have had our fair share of tall blonde Swedes bringing their 'seven hours of daylight during the winter months' and lighting up our London office. But they always leave behind one lingering question - how do you do it? Believe me, we've tried. As soon as the office door closes we try our very hardest to be Swedish, but I think we must be missing something, I'm not sure.
So we called our favourite Fenn O'Meally back, and with the help of cameragirl Mima Bartholomew and slightly Swedish model Colin Greenall at I Love Models Management, she returns with the next instalment of our BBG Video Diaries. This week you'll learn 'How To Be Swedish' (our editor is Scandinavian if you hadn't guessed). Greenall by name, all green by nature; the environmentally-conscious stereotype of Swedish* people glints in Colin's cheeky green eyes, as he shows us how it's done and provides an example to support these completely useless fail proof life tips.
* Other nationalities are available

Film presented by Fenn O'Meally.
Camera by Mima Bartholomew.
Words by Jonny Clowes.

Model Colin Greenall.

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