BBG Presents: Supra Slams

17 July 2014

There’s always that unforced association around skateboarding, one which familiarises us with the notions summer. Like it or loathe it, skateboarding becomes almost an essential within the British youth’s summertime diary. This July pencilling in more than just a date in our diaries, one of the world’s leading independent footwear brands, SUPRA, has teamed up with some of the UK’s most pioneering venues, all in aid of bringing street skating, demos and parties to some of our key cities.

Dropping in on London, last Thursday 10th July saw the footwear brand join forces with Slam City Skates and Frontside Gardens Skate Park in Hackney Wick. Dosing the demolished warehouse with effortless talent, from 4pm seven professional skateboarders including the legendary Chad Muska, tested the Hackney Wick waters with four hours of sheer skate skill.

Although a renowned name in the skateboarding game, Chad Muska’s talents don’t just linger around his longing to skate. The entrepreneur, who also has an acute eye for art and design, has dedicated time within his busy schedule to support the Frontside Skate Park project, working with founder Andrew Willis on the creation of a bespoke obstacle that will become a permanent fixture in the park.

Joining the line-up of talents, was Jim Greco, the man behind the redefinition of raw street skating and the coining of the ‘Hammer’ brand, Stevie Williams, one of skateboarding most monumental figures who made it into the top 30 most influential skaters of all time and Spencer Hamilton, a man renowned for his apt knack of combining high impact skating with technical precision. And as if that wasn’t enough talent for one team, London’s own Palace Skateboard pro Lucien Clarke, Frenchman, Oscar Candon and Kevin Romar, popped in for the four hours of pro skateboarding.

Unfortunately at Boys by Girls, our talents don’t quite reach as far as skateboarding, we’ve got a feeling the combination of a camera and an unapt skill for skating might lead us to a few £100 of debt. So whilst we quite happily left the stunts to the Supra Team on Thursday July 10th, we sent Sofia Farnesi to capture the day in the one and only BBG way, #Spontaneous.

Words by Fenn O'Meally

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