BBG Presents: Sam Alexander

6 June 2014

Remember Sam Alexander at Established Models? (The charming, bicycle loving lost boy). Having created a beautiful illustration for Boys by Girls Issue 6 "The Truth About Boys", plus being featured in a lovely instant analogue series, we decided to catch up with Sam in our latest instalment of BBG Presents.

Sitting down to another cup of tea (he likes those) and lighting up the video with his infectious smile, Sam chats to us about his love of art, his bicycle obsession, his search for the other lost boys and his endeavours into modelling so far. Sam already has guitar playing and art on his list of things to do, as well as having an ultra-cool pet snail.

Sam is one of those boys who has a quietly beautiful aura about him, softly spoken but unwittingly charming. Sam can be seen inside Issue 6, shot by Cecilie Harris alongside his illustration (which graces the inside back cover). We also throw in a few extra bonus images for you of some of our favorite of his artwork, just cause we're nice like that.

Issue 6 'The Truth About Boys' is out in stores now and available to order online. Here is the link with all the good stuff.

Video by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Sophie Mayanne.
Artwork by Sam Alexander.

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