BBG Presents: Pascal Bonvie

14 August 2014

‘I have heard of naked yoga though, where a hot female instructor performs her yoga poses naked.’ When Pascal Bonvie interviewed fellow model Paul, his slightly more unconventional way of interviewing results in videos that keep you entertained as well as being wonderfully captured.

Pascal is not only an aspiring filmmaker, but is also an established model at Elite Models London. He has brushed shoulders with some of the biggest designers in the industry, and walked for the likes of Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Diesel, ACNE and many more.

Born and bred in the Netherlands, his handsome looks and quirky videography skills caught our eye at Boys by Girls. Pascal is still figuring out the dream, but knows his future will definitely entail cameras in one way in one way or another- with his first script under his belt and short film in the making- his future is looking pretty exciting.

You can check out some of our faves from his interview series titled "X about X', enjoying him talk to other models in a fun unexpected way. You'll hear about how to skip school, the perks of naked yoga and why models are always late. If this isn't enough for you there is more where that came from on Pascal's YouTube Channel.

Hey Pascal, are you as awesome as Anna says?
Now this is an opening question. How many pages do you have for this interview? Just kidding. No, I don't believe I am as awesome as Anna says I am. I am working hard to try and be as awesome as she says though. I know I'm a long way still from really being able to amaze people, but I think that if I keep on working and creating I will get there. Be it in one or four years, eventually.

Tell me about your talent.
Film has been my passion since I was a teenager. I applied for an Art Academy in Holland, where I studied documentaries until I quit two years later. Since then I have been making artsy and commercial videos, next to loads of editing for various people/companies. I've been studying photography again as well lately.

What shall we call you, a video maker?
I think that would be the best description. I always say Videographer. It sounds quite fancy, doesn't it? Sort of rolls off the tongue.

Tell me about the concept behind your ‘X about X’ series of your fellow Elite models.
I knew I was going to be doing castings, fittings and/or shows that week, so time was limited. Because of this I knew I had to come up with a concept for a series of short videos where I didn't have to shoot that much footage. I also knew I wanted the models to say something interesting about themselves. So I had to figure out a way to sort of break the ice. I thought a good way was to distance them from themselves. Let them talk about themselves as if they're talking about a friend. I hoped that would lower the barrier for them to take a more critical/funny look at who they are.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris with special thanks to Impossible.

Where does your ideas come from and what is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from almost anything. Sometimes it's as simple as watching someone else's work and seeing an interesting shot or concept they used, and using that in my own projects. However, I do listen to seminars quite a lot, and watch documentaries. Sometimes I don't even like them, but I think it is so important to see and understand how other people view events and stories in life. How does an individual look at a story that is unfolding in the world or his neighbourhood? That question is important for me to really have a grasp on. It's what drives people to undertake certain actions.

What is the dream?
Still figuring out what the dream is. I have narrowed it down to working with cameras though, so I'm halfway there. If I had to give an answer I would say become a director. But I see that as a boy's dream, like how people want to become famous actors. However, I've just finished a script for a short film I am making. So I guess I will finally be a director then! I would probably be directing a crew of one (myself), but still. It counts.

Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Clio Cooper.

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