BBG Presents: Josh Tuckley

5 June 2014

In the world of Boys by Girls some of you will know Josh Tuckley at Supa Model Management from Issue 2, where he was photographed by India Hobson, or from the more recent editorial "Choosing Solitude" by Francesca Allen. It's a more mature and devilish handsome Josh that met us as we challenged him to style one of the issue 6 editorials.

Hearing that Josh has been spending his time working in styling recently, we thought it would be a great opportunity to challenge him to work with BBG Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris to style editorial "Where Have All The Heroes Gone" for Boys By Girls, Issue 6. Together they created a bright and beautiful summer editorial (which may have also included a cheeky skittle or two). With a keen eye and a fondness of fashion, Josh brought his own vibrant personality to the images and styling, resulting in a story that is both beautiful and magic, exploring the days of youth when you dreamed of superheroes and flying. Dressing the Aidan and Vic with a youthful and boyish element to the story Josh plays with a primary colour palette, adding a playful and fun edge to the series.

To see Josh’s full styling debut with Boys By Girls, you can pick up a copy of Issue 6 "The Truth About Boys" which is out now. You can also see a little preview here.

Hi Josh! How did this styling opportunity for Boys by Girls come about?
I bumped into Boys By Girls least London Collections: Men. At the time I was assisting a stylist, and BBG thought it would be a good idea to collaborate on a feature with me styling for the first time.

How did you get into styling?
I started about 6 months ago, one of my best friends is a stylist and I assist her. She said she really needed some help with returns, so I replied with “I’ll do it”. Then with her next shoot I decided to come along and help, and it’s gone from there. We’re a bit of a team, but today I thought I’d spread my wings.

Fly on your own!
Yeah, Haha! Try and do my own thing.

Instant Analogue by Cecile Harris. Special thanks to Impossible

How did styling come about?
Mainly from already being a part of the industry and having friends that are a part of it too. I didn’t have a real interest in it until this past year, but when the opportunity arose to assist Gabby I thought “Hey, I can do this!”, and it has kept me nice and busy too. It was really interesting to be on the other side of the camera and experience a different way of working. It’s a much busier day instead of standing around and posing, haha! I feel like I really enjoy it and it gives me focus.

What kind of clothes are you drawn too?
I definitely love casual menswear. I’ll always have a soft spot for streetwear elements, especially as I’m a massive trainers fan. When I go to the PRs I find myself shopping a little bit for myself, haha, and end up having to be like “No Josh, don’t do it, get what you need for the shoot” (Slaps own hand) – So I’m basically having to learn not to go for myself, and go with an idea in mind. It’s quite interesting putting together brands that I wouldn’t necessarily wear, or things I don’t automatically think would look good- and then you see them in the picture and think “Oh, Cool! It does really work!” I’m definitely working it all out at the minute.

What was it like to do your first shoot?
It was really good! I had a brilliant day, last night and this morning though I had a bit of a panic. I was putting all of the looks together yesterday and called up the guy I assist, and was like “Everything has a collar on it, it’s too smart, there’s not enough variety!” I really had a panic for about twenty minutes, then I sat down and was like “Right, I’m going out for a meal and I’m just going to relax and think about it tomorrow. There’s no getting out of it, just get on with it, and you’ll make it work." Then this morning I was thinking of all the ‘What ifs’, but in the end it all fell into place. If anything, I have done more looks than I expected. I feel like I learnt a lot today.

What did you learn today?
To bring pins! Haha. And that things that don’t necessarily look good together in your head can look really good when you put them on. I also learnt how to put certain looks on different boys. Different stuff suited both of the models. For example, if I had put the smarter stuff on Aidan, it wouldn’t have worked as well as it did with Vic. You have to really think further ahead than what you’ve already pictured in your mind, which I never considered when I was just modelling. So now I have to think more!

What was it like to not be the model, and take the stylist spot?
In a way, a lot more enjoyable! I think it’s because you’re really getting on with something and oyu're really busy. With this you are busy all day instead of being busy for ten minutes, then sitting around for twenty. With the styling I found I was always doing something, so the day hass flown by. Where as with modelling my mind would usually wander by about midday.

What did you think of the two models today?
They were both cool boys and really relaxed. They both really fitted with the theme of the shoot and looked quite child-like in a sense, but both still had adult features. So you had that nice mix, and they were just really easy to work with, which is really nice. No diva strops. They were troopers with the cold weather as well, they made it look like it was summer. Well done boys!

What was it like to work with the theme of the story today?
When we first had a meeting the other week, I really understood where you wanted to go with the storyline, but also a little stumped because I was going in and styling a different styled than I had done before. As soon as I started looking around the PRs to see what they had and getting my hands on everything, I really started to get an idea for what I was doing. I definitely realised that you have to create a story, and it’s not necessarily about what you like, it’s about making a whole picture. Once I started seeing everything together it did seem to merge, until yesterday with my little panic moment.

For me as a photographer, and especially and editor I felt you really listened to my idea and the concept. You really took everything on board to meet the brief.
That’s exactly what I want to hear!

What do you see for your future?
I want to carry on assisting, because that’s the best way to learn. I’m willing to start assisting other people as well, just keeping on learning from different people, until eventually I get to the point where I can start teaching people. I know that’s a long way off, but eventually to get to a point where I’m enjoying plenty of work. I guess that’s everyone’s dream.

A BBG shoot is a good start.
Yes! When I told the person I’m assisting she said that was a really nice start, so yeah, I’m happy. I was confident the pictures would always look good anyway.

Thanks Josh, and we'll be sure to see you soon again.

Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Sophie Mayanne.
Special thanks to Impossible.

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