BBG Presents: Bud and Aidan

30 January 2015

Having around 50 tattoos between them, Bud and Aidan Williams are not what you would call your orthodox musicans and model duo. Born in Askern, Doncaster the 21 year olds are presently living the renowned 'cool' of East London. Bud (shorter hair) and Aidan (long hair) talk to us about their love of music and their relationship as a melodic duo.

With a gentle breeze and pure shores, photographer Nicola Collins takes us on a coastal journey to capture their deeply rooted brotherly bond. Teena Collins styles the boys in Jades Vintage Clothing playing ode to the characters of the twins - much alike with ever so subtle differences.

It’s not everyday that we present you with talented twins. Not only are they visually cool Northerners, they are a duo who are enviable for their charm, haunting voices and nostalgic vibes. As they spread their tunes and infectious vibes, we're nothing but excited to see what the future holds.

You are identical twins but who was born first?
Aidan: Me, by 20 minutes. I feel like he is my little bro, gotta look after him.

Who is your biggest influence?
Aidan: Heath Ledger.
Bud: I guess a guy called Nathan Leone from the band Madina Lake. He made us want be in a band, as he is the vocalist, and his twin brother was the bass player. When we were 13 we started to listen to them and loved them. They went on ‘Twins Fear Factor’ just before they made it and won it. The £50K price payed for all their demos and stuff. They are probably our main inspiration.

What is your biggest passion?
Bud: Anything creative definitely. Music, art and film.
Aidan: Music. There's no feeling like being on stage.
Bud: Yeah, being on stage and writing songs.

Are you in a band?
Aidan: No, we used to be in a band called One Night Stand With Fate, but we aren't anymore.
Bud: I would like to be again, but it's a lot of hard work.
Aidan: It's finding others. If we could be in a band just us two it'd be fine, but you gotta have three or four other people you won't be able to trust, so it gets hard.

If you could play in any band what one would it be?
Bud: The Madden Brothers. They are a big inspiration to us too, and Joel & Benji from Good Charlotte.

What is the most important thing to you in life?
Aidan: Laughter.
Bud: Happiness definitely.
Aidan: Just having a laugh and making other people laugh.

Do you think you will ever trust anyone as much as you trust each other?
Together: No, probably not.
Aidan: It's one of those things, like you don't have to think. If you think something it just rolls straight out when you are with each other, but if there was someone else there you might be like, can I say that?
Bud: Yeah, it's apprehension about what other people think, but when it's just us I don't give a shit. I can say anything, literally anything.
Aidan: And you know that you can say anything and it won't matter.
Bud: Yep, there's no judgement whatsoever is there?

Do you feel a kin to other twins?
Bud: Naturally, yeah you do.
Aidan: Yeah, normal people can't get that sensation, cause normal people are just normal.

Do you think twins aren't normal then?
Aidan: Technically yes, but I think being normal is crap. Who'd wanna be normal? There's plenty of normal people, I'd rather be different anyway. It's just fate that we are twins in the first place.

How many tattoos do you have between you?
Probably in the 50's.

What is it you like about tattoos?
I love how creative they are.
Bud: I think it's because our Grandad had loads. He had them all over himself and would always sit there with his shirt off with full sleeves and a big Lion on his chest, and I think subconsciously it has made us love it.
Aidan: We started getting tattoos at 15 years old.

What do you not like?
Aidan: Yeah ignorance, I don't think there's any need for it. And when people are up their own ass, what's the point? You are just making life harder for yourself.

Listen to Bud & Aidan here.

Interview and photography by Nicola Collins.
Styling by Teena Collins.
Clothes supplied by Jades Vintage Clothing at No.24 Of Frinton.

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