The Birds will Inherit the Earth

16 April 2020

Illustrations Joshua Tarn
Words Nathan Henry

With human beings in lockdown, the animal kingdom is making a hard comeback, Britney style, to claim their habitats - but this time with a style update. Fashion Editor Nathan Henry and artist Joshua Tarn envision just how animals might be our next style icons this spring-summer '20. Allow us to help you escape.

With humans in isolation, animals could be the new stars of the style game. As the days get longer, this amazing Prada Floral Shirt proves to be the perfect shirt to peacock... or ostrich around in the empty streets.

Pigeons love nothing more than the beach - and chips - and it's also the best place in town to flaunt this Nautical Themed Gucci Jacket. With pops of white and red, you'll be the talk of the beach and the star of the sea. For added flair, dress your puppet punch in some Stussy Abstract Print Shorts so the whole crew's looking great.

If Earth isn't quite your cup of tea anymore - and right now who can blame you - just leave. The universe is your oyster. Although, if you are heading off-planet, you might need to think about packing some heavier bits. Space is a cold place but Nicomede Puffa Shell Jacket is there for you as it's perfect for an off-planet jaunt and ideal for Pluto.

If you're staying a little closer to home, perhaps you just need that flaunt outfit for your daily visits to the shop. Look no further, this Siberia Hills Story of the Sun Jumper is a knit that keeps you just about warm enough so you can leave your coat at home. Complete the look with this CP Company Bucket Hat to flex your style during a responsible rave on Houseparty.

Imagine the animal kingdom showing us just how it's done - rising to the occasion and beyond.

The Birds Inherit The Earth3

Floral Shirt by Prada

The Birds Inherit The Earth4

Nautical Jacket by Gucci

The Birds Inherit The Earth1

Jacket by Nicomede Puffa

The Birds Inherit The Earth2

Jumper by Siberia Hills and Hat by CP Company

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