BBG Loves: 'Songs of Innocence and Experience' by DYGL

17 July 2019

Review by Sophia Razvi

In their second studio release, Japanese indie rockers DYGL offer a tight yet playful sound that stands for simple, true pop(ular) music. A Rory Attwell-produced record (Test Icicles, The Vaccines, Palma Violets), Songs of Innocence and Experience takes a bold step in the direction of experimental compared to Say Goodbye To Memory Den, DYGL's well-received 2017 debut. Gritty anthems Bad Kicks and Spit It Out showcase the group's early punk influence, whilst softer but equally melody-driven tunes As She Knows, Hard To Love and Behind The Sun occupy the unique space somewhere between Britain's the Ordinary Boys and America's Parquet Courts.

Songs of Innocence and Experience draws from the energy and experimental spirit of 60's soundscapes yet is driven by a deeper desire for change. These ideas are captured in stand-out track Don't You Want To Dance in This Heaven which was inspired by Japan's repressive Fuieho law, lifted in 2015. Frontman Nobuki Akiyama believes 'we need simplicity in society', and through this album, the group successfully return to music for the sake of freedom: of expression, of creation, of enjoyment.

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