Exclusive: "Modern Strange Love" by POL

30 November 2022

Dutch new wave duo Pol has returned with their latest single, Modern Strange Love and Boys by Girls are here to bring you an exclusive premiere of the accompanying music video. Comprised of brothers Ruben and Matthijs Pol, whose career credentials include a string of modelling gigs for the likes of Dior and YSL, their transition into the world music is soundtracked by a magnetic, refreshing and hypnotic beat.

Following the success of the singles Comme Ça and Boys Are released earlier this year, Modern Strange Love is a continuation of Pol’s psychedelic synth-pop as the brother’s reputation for bringing back a sound synonymous with the 80s is solidified. Inspired by pioneers of the Bronski Beat genre and the British duo Pet Shop Boys, Pol’s sound is crafted with a delicate hand of authenticity having taught themselves to produce with analogue synths and drum machines in favour of a digital process.

Having harnessed their stage presence in sold-out shows across Amsterdam and Paris donning a sleek sartorial aesthetic of sharp tailoring, the Pol brothers are the epitome of new wave in every sense. This latest single is awash with lyrics articulating an expression of unobtainable love, offset by the techno-synth beat and melodic drum sequence. Shot entirely on 35mm film, the music video adopts a hazily romantic hue juxtaposed with kaleidoscopic shots perfectly encapsulating the merging of electronic romance in an apt ode to the title, it really is a journey of Modern Strange Love.

Pol's single 'Modern Strange love' is out now.

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