BBG Loves: Lyle & Scott x Diadora

18 September 2019

The walk home from school; the nostalgic, timeless journey that transcends generations. The opportunity for young minds to begin solidifying their beliefs and forging their own personal style. No teacher can tell you what to do, and no parents are around to protect you. The walk home - a brief moment of freedom where uniforms are unpicked, conformities are left behind and identities form.

Few other journeys can match the feeling of freedom and excitement that the escape from the classroom brings, except those walking to and from the stadiums of your favourite teams. Drawing upon both Lyle & Scott and Diadora’s roots in football culture and their shared terrace heritage, the two brands have come together to create the "Oh, What Fun?" collection and campaign that draws parallels between two iconic journeys.

In the campaign, shot by legendary photographer Gavin Watson, Lyle & Scott and Diadora come together to explore that freedom and escape. The campaign documents how the boys follow the age-old tradition of “unpicking” the uniform or football kit, to create a new-found individualism and confidence, proudly mixing in their favourite brands to further push their identity and tribe.

If this has you reminiscing about those special memories, dive into the collection of 14 pieces which perfectly fuse together the Lyle & Scott and Diadora terrace and sporting looks - from shell suits to tees and footwear in navies, whites and burgundies - all branded with a unique logo created exclusively for the collaboration. The collection is available now at Lyle & Scott’s Edinburgh, Utrecht, and Rotterdam stores, online and select retailers.

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