BBG Loves: 'Future Dust' by The Amazons

19 June 2019

Review by Sophia Razvi

Launching away from their original sound in a leap of faith that comprises searing guitar riffs and an ode to old blues, The Amazons’ release second album Future Dust. The Reading four-piece burst onto the indie rock scene two years ago with a self-titled debut album that reached #8 in the UK album charts and earned the band nominations under BBC Music, MTV, and The Q Awards.

The Amazons consolidate their stadium-ready status, opening with roaring anthem Mother as well as 25 that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and sends visions of the band playing Glastonbury’s The Other Stage. Frontman Matt Thomson explains the desire to hit a heavier sound that explores darker imagery and rock and roll in its rawest form: ‘we’re very prepared to fail…but we’ll stand by it. We’re making music that we want to hear’.

Though at risk of the songs blending into one another particularly towards the end of the album, it is the scorching guitar presence that consistently saves the music: final track Georgia is a case in point. Whilst warned against fading into the background of what is an already highly saturated presence for UK guitar bands, if their live performance delivers what their powerhouse sound promises at studio level, The Amazons have nothing to worry about.

You can listen to and buy 'Future Dust' here.

The Amazons_Album Packshot
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