BBG Loves: Ace & Tate Eyewear

4 October 2019

If you already have your hands on a copy of Boys by Girls issue 15 Glede, you've probably noticed our dreamy collaboration with Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate photographed in a lavender field by our editor-in-chief Cecilie Harris. We will be sharing imagery from the story here online shortly but first, we wanted to let you in on some of our favourite frames from the new season's collection.

Highlighting the new styles, Rick and Roy in the autumnal shades, replicating the earthy tones of the fallen leaves and the rare glow of the falling sun. Both frames are flat-top that ooze a bit of retro character - the kooky Rick and the charismatic Roy. Our top picks are shades Rick in saffron and opticals Roy in Botanical Haze.

Previously only available as sunnies, styles Byron and Allen have now also been released as opticals. Byron is inspired by the calm coastal town of Byron Bay and is all about the laid-back surfer lifestyle that entails. If you want our opinion, we really like Byron in Maple Syrup. Allen is intended for someone looking for a strong, sturdy look that transcends time and will solidify itself as a classic staple in your closet. Might we suggest Allen in Sugar man? I think we've got a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to eyewear...

If you want to bag yourself a pair of cool frames, head over to Ace & Tate where the collection is available now.

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