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1 May 2015

Art is a doorway into another world, a craft honed and built upon to create masterful works that adorn walls. They contain stories that can mystify, inspire and bring tears to your eyes with their intristic beauty. Each fluid line of watercolour, each droplet of smudged paint, the message that hides a simple heart.

Boys by Girls Magazine has a tradition of showcasing what boys can do and the passions that lie beneath the surface. Since issue 4 we have showcased art as part of our print issues, and it is with this in mind we introduce the first Boys by Girls Illustration Collection, featuring an the exclusive "Sam Alexander Collection". The collection includes 6 limited edition illustration prints by Sam Alexander. Sam's pen strokes and watercolour magic has been seen in our past three issues, and now can be your own to lovingly cherish by purchasing here.

Sam's unique ability to tell stories through his illustrations, is a particular trademark in his work. The creators he illustrates are curious, yet with an element of dark, opening up your imagination of what lies beneath the image first seen. Using a controlled watercolour technique, providing the finest details the more you let your eye take in the artwork. Three of the pieces "Falling", "An Eyes Glance" and "Surrender" are illustrations in our latest print issue "The Trouble With Boys". The trilogy of images are all Sam's interpretations of the poetry included in the issue.

Above : Boys by Girls Illustration Collection.

Each illustration will be printed on German Etching 310 GSM Giclee paper, and all six illustrations are available in a limited edition of 100 prints. These will be signed and numbered by the artist. Optional black framing will allow you to bring the masterpieces to life on any wall they adorn.

Make sure to get yourself one of these unique pieces of art part of Sam's first printed collection available - browse the "Sam Alexander Illustration Collection".

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