BBG Editorial 101

6 March 2019

Let's start off the year by giving you some behind the scenes insight on what we do. Following on from our exclusive editorial "Kissing Kate" for our fifth issue “Lessons”, photographed by Cecilie Harris, we wanted to share with you some of what we got up to Behind the Scenes at the shoot and give our readers a bit more of an idea what goes on at a Boys by Girls editorial shoot; the "10 Essentials to a Boys by Girls shoot" or "BBG Editorial 101", if you wish.

To recap, this is a story of adolescence and a lesson in infatuation, and you can read more about it or buy the issue to have and to hold. Remember that time when you just couldn’t make up our mind on who you fancied, when crushes changed from day to day and you were constantly confused between love and friendship? This is the time in life that we presented in "Kissing Kate", but what went on behind the scenes?

We have put together a little BBG Photoshoot 101 so to speak, so our dedicated followers can get to know a bit more about what goes into producing an editorial such as this one. How do we make sure the shoot goes nice a smoothly on the day, what do we do to prepare ourselves for the madness? Welcome to the fun fair that is Behind the Scenes with Boys By Girls.

The 10 Essentials to Creating a Boys by Girls shoot

1. Find some Cute Boys - Definitely one of our favorite tasks. What a hard life we live at the BBG head quarters! We scour through model packages from an array of top model agencies, and pick the cutest and most inspiring of the bunch. We look for boys that has a special connection with the camera, and something extra unique, cool and beautiful about them that we feel drawn to. This is usually a very serious task and can take up a large chunk of our day.

2. Location Location Location - Where can one shoot these gorgeous specimens? The BBG team whips out our charm and heads out and about in the glorious capital looking for fun, innovative and accessible locations. Any photographer will know that finding a place that London people are willing to lend you to shoot in can be a challenge. It helps when we flutter our eyelashes, and in general the "beg, borrow and steal" approach mostly works. Lucky for us, often people are super kind to us, when it comes to letting us use some fab locations. Check out our two cover shoots with Matthew Bell and also Union J for more location fabulousness.

3. Involve a fab Photographer - Who is going to turn this lovely day into a stunning editorial? We have quite a few talented contributing photographers, but for this particular shoot we turned to our brilliant Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris to capture this story of friendship and flirtation. Cecilie always manage to bring out the individual beauty of every boy she photographs. Look at her in action below.

4. Get a fabulous Stylist to bring in the Fashion - We have to admit that the boys tend to be pretty stylish, however to bring the look of the shoot together we need the help of a trend professional. Our stylists work with the photographers to help shape the tone of the shoot. It’s all about the teamwork. For this shoot we had the help of the fashionable Karren Munnis, who styled our boys and our girl to perfection.

5. Beautify the Models - Not that our models aren’t naturally gorgeous, but we need the help of a groomer to help polish off their look thats been created by the stylist and photographer for the shoot. Again - Teamwork! We make sure that the boys complexions are perfectly clear and they don’t have a hair out of place, except for if we want it to be sexily messed up and natural of course. Below we see Alex getting his final touch ups by hair stylist Dayaruci.

6. Feed the Models - The boys have gotta eat, and our growing young chaps are no exception. We find after a long few hours of consistent shooting, that a large array of snacks always go down a treat. And we know what you're thinking, but forget the stereotypes - models love themselves some treats. One thing we have learned from working with male models; whatever food you put on the table, it will be gone by the end of the shoot. This always makes us feel like good mothers in a "oh yes, he ate all my food, he must love me"- kind of way.

7. Find something or someone for the Boys to Play with - Normally we love ourselves a fun prop on a shoot; a basketball, a skateboard or a kite. For this editorial we brought in a girl for the boys to interract with! Not a task we are used to we have to admit, but what would a love story be without it’s glamorous heroine? We rather enjoyed finding the cutest girl around. Having met Kate quite some time prior to the shoot during an Elite London casting, and being woo'd by her beautiful portfolio, charming persona and her "I'll climb a tree for you" promise, the beautiful Kate Howat at Elite Models London was destined to be our leading lady!

8. The power of the Interns - Our lovely Intern team at BBG is an integral part to the running of Boys by Girls. For our shoots an intern is always on hand to hold a reflector, grab a lens, interview the models, make a cuppa tea and just generally be great. This may or may not have been written by an Intern. If you want to join our intern team, you can see a bit more information around that here.

9. Talk to the Boys - We love getting to know our models a little bit better, and so take advantage in between shooting to sit down with them. We grill them about their lives, interests, modeling journeys, life advise, and then we throw in a few fun random questions - just to keep them on their toes.We find that most of the boys are so multi-talented and usually teach us a thing or two. Our tendency to look beneath the surface is often reflected in a Boys by Girls shoot. We like to portrait their stories and charachter whenever we can.

10. Snap a trendy Polaroid - We have accumulated quite a large collection of model polaroids over our two years, and we like to think of it as a record of all the wonderful boys we’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Most boys has a polaroid that they sign - a little memento of our time together. You can check out our polaroid collection here.

By now you should be all informed and practicaly an expert in how to shoot Boys by Girls style. If you have more questions for us on how we work that you would like to share, please tweet us and hashtag #BBGShootTips and we will make a note to include something clever about it in a future feature.

Don't forget to get your copy of Boys by Girls Magazine issue 5, "Lessons". Click here to find out where to buy.

Behind the scenes images by Louis Sheridan.
Image retouching by Wyatt McCollum.
Words by Annie Ounstead.

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