Marcus’ Family Holiday

12 October 2016

When we awaken to our first morning in a new land, there’s a certain serenity in the air. The hustle and bustle of our usual lives has faded away, and the only thing that beckons us from beneath the blankets is a warm morning sun. We have the chance to carry out our next few days with total mindfulness; everybody is awash with peace. Surrounded by the new, yet still protected by the only thing constant in your life; your family.

In this Boys by Girls diary series, BBG boy Marcus Sivyer shares his perspective on family travelling - that good old chestnut. A lover of his family, Marcus exposes the deep grins and serenity that holidays bring. The scars from our adventures and the evenings of simply doing nothing can provide fond memories. The sound of the ocean, the glow of the sun, and the blissful sense of knowing that every hour is yours to explore.

As the second chapter in Marcus' BBG diary series, this series continues his photographic exploration of his surroundings. Last month he shared his music festival experience at Glastonbury, which also focused on what family means to him and the joys of freedom that summer offers. Ultimately 'home' is where your family is, and to Marcus family is becoming more and more key in his life; something he continutes to talk about in an expressive interview in our upcoming AW16 issue, which is out end of October.

As the clock turns, warm mornings bring scorching days, and you explore the realms that you have escaped to. Oceans and rivers refresh your skin and soul, while white horses and sweeping skies remind you of how distanced you are from the things that usually cloud your mind. This is us, existing in our purest form.

Photography by Marcus Sivyer.
Words by Joseph Shields.

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