BBG Diaries: Chris In Miami

24 April 2015
There is something intristically raw about each individual persons view of the world. The colour infront of you is so clearly purple, yet the next person sees it as magenta. Our views of the world are very much perception, each of us drawn to the details we define as beautiful or intriguing. As we continue our journey in documenting the contemporary young man, this time we hand over the camera to the boys, creating BBG Diaries. The view, the eyes, the dreams of boys today.

Travelling to the heart of Miami, for our first instalment of the BBG Diaries, we see the world through the eyes of Chris McCrory. (You probably remember Chris from his recent series with Kimmi Hammerstroem). With gritty realism, juvenile subjects and mesmerising landscapes, we learn more about Chris' outlook on the world. Welcome to the world of Miami; it's just like Miami, but with bits of Chris mixed in.

Chris' Miami Diary, April 2015:
Arriving in the heat of Miami and witnessing its greatness felt surreal. It looked like something out of a movie. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, beauty, tanned skin, muscles and palm trees being the key components of the sunny city.
Day after day I walked along the beachfront and wondered just what I was doing in London. I was surrounded by this dream world. A dream world with people rollerblading down the beach front, lounging under palm trees and making the most of their life in the heavenly sunshine.
As it was Spring Break, South beach was on top form bringing the muscle heads and their fist pumping EDM music together, blasting all the way from 1st to 21st street. I found the culture insanely captivating and every little bizarre detail was of interest. Where else could I watch five girls ‘twerking’, dancing and hanging out of a jeep beach buggy, whilst driving down the beachfront, blasting Vybz Kartel? Not in England, that's for sure.
Everyone looked as if they had an unusual or mad story behind them, and the masses of people I came across had such huge characters; intriguing doesn’t even cut it. Seeing middle aged men on skateboards, granddads on low rider bikes and women in their 40s/50s clinging onto their Barbie-like lifestyle was an eye opener. I loved it.

Images and Diary by Chris McCrory.

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