How To Wait Around

9 July 2016

In June we presented you with a bit of a video experiment during this season's London Collections: Men. Teaming up with presenter Fenn O'Meally to capture the LCM wonderous chaos, excitement and boys of the season, the short films shared with you via the Boys by Girls Instagram proved to be one of our most popular during the four days of fashion extravaganza. This created some fun follow up conversations over coffee in the park and wine in the pub, resulting in an ongoing BBG Video Diaries series presented by Fenn O'Meally: Boys By Girls Useless Life Tips. This new series of short films offer some responsibly sourced life advice, so that you can learn how to be a master of just about anything - or not.

Dear Diaries... or readers of Boys by Girls,

Exactly 30 days ago from today, Cecilie Harris gave me free reign to run rather wild with a camera, a few camera operators and head swarming with semi-planned plans. The outcome was The BBG Video Diaries, a light-hearted series of films founded on a mutual desire to create integral video content with a healthy and honest dose of personality. The response was, well, pretty positive! From questioning the lives of a few leggy-limbed boys outside the runway, to delving into just how Dermot O’Leary wears his denim, presenting and producing the very first BBG video diaries was a privilege during this season's London Collections: Men, and the videos turned to be a popular addition to the BBG Instagram.
So, on the 19th June, Cecilie and I went back to the drawing board and got to work planning more magical film material to keep entertaining you and add a new twist to what Boys by Girls has to offer. Approximately sixty coffees later (on a good day I drink two a day) and five rounds of editing down, we are very proud to present our newest addition to The BBG Video Diaries - Boys By Girls Useless Life Tips. And since we’ve kept the world waiting a good few weeks for our newest release, we thought it only fair to dish out a few tips on how to master the inactive act of waiting, fresh from pros of the waiting game; models who have been queuing for weeks during their shows in London, Milan and Paris. We can’t WAIT to see what you think. Genuinely.
Fenn x
PS. Please do not hesitate to tell us what you’d like to become an expert in and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Submit all Useless Life Tips requests via Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #DearBBGDiary.
PPS. If you're wondering, Dermot wears his denim - double.

Film and Words presented by Fenn O'Meally.
Camera by Mima Bartholomew.
Colour grading by Tom Mangham.

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