An Intimate Moment With Joseph

31 October 2014

Delicate mannerisms and plunging hair, Joseph lounges blissfully across his bed looking both mysterious and beautiful – the light falls across his petal skin attentively, defining every cheekbone, collarbone and edge of his body.

Continuing on from Issue 6 and our "Boys In Bedrooms" feature, Spanish photographer Leila Jacue documents Joseph at Adam Models with this documentary approach; in the comforts of his own home. With gorgeous artwork by Ann Woo, these images invite us to discover an unseen side of Joseph; The intimate approach leaving us needing to discover more about this tattooed and pierced presence.

Following Joseph from his bedroom, Leila incorporates dreamy focuses and colours inside the house, creating a deep connection between Joseph and the camera, encouraging us to wistfully watch without breaking eye contact. Joseph makes his way to the garden; his aura of being content and happy in his own company captivating and precious. As he saunters around within the shrubbery, it appears the outdoors gives him a more manly charm, unafraid of getting his hands dirty.

Joseph is captivating and otherworldly, and as the photographs end and he is left to himself, you almost feel deprived of his bewitching eye contact and memorable gaze.

Words by Molly Baker.

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