An Eloquent Affair

29 January 2016

Consider the days that the streets we call home were a playground. Endless imaginations were free to roam and life was all about discovery. Reminisce the times that footsteps on the pavement belonged to the innocent and imaginations that knew no limits. Now consider that all this can still be true. Times of freedom can slip through our fingers like sand, but the grains of our childhood that stick to our heart have found their way somewhere deep within us. Those grains exist to be cherished; to never be brushed off. In order to let go of ourselves, we must forever allow them to be a part of what we are.

Maud Maillard captures fellow photographer Mikko Puttonen, as he steps out to the elements of autumn. With Maud pointing the camera, Mikko is able to tell his story from the other side of the lense; getting caught up in moments of play as he undertakes this urban adventure. Whether a story of self discovery or an exploration of the environment, this portrait series exudes a captivating feeling of mystery and introverted mindfulness, his conscience skipping through some unknown land.

On top of being comfortable behind and in front of the camera, Mikko has demonstrated his creative versatility even further through self-styling this shoot. In monochromatic looks, he becomes an enigmatic towny who cares not for the camera in front of him, but the earthly breeze that lifts through the streets. The grey coat by Weekday guards a nervous, ethereal figure, while beneath the textured coat from Isabel Marant x H&M stands one with a confidence in the mysteries he holds. Leather pants from the same collection inject rebellion and playfulness; yet another aspect of Mikko’s complex personality that comes through in the varied styling. Throughout this series, Mikko’s photographic experience brings through a sense of mutuality between Maud and himself, as he throws his mind into moments of deep thought, exposing a personality that searches for its unique place of existence.

Words by Joe Shields.

Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_1
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_2
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_3
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_4
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_5
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_6
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_7
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_8
Miko Puttonen_Maud Maillard_9
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