An Afternoon With Oliver

24 October 2014

There is no beauty without substance.

Here we are presented with both. Cool linear looking, marginally unreal, we follow Oliver Cookson at AMCK Models for an afternoon. His own space, his own obsessions. Making our way back to his home, his arms sway, almost too long for his body. That seems to be his aesthetic story; everything is almost clumsy, but not quite, falling into a limbo between gracefulness and inadequacy.

Oliver is the blurred line which is summed up in grainy raw images immortalized by Sofia Farnesi. She captures this enchanting illustration of a boy in his own world, with nothing but his own rules. Oliver’s slightly morbid fascination for Charles Manson is splayed across his walls;

“I am only a reflection of you."

Oliver echoes the words of the subjects of his fixation in his own look, he is the side of you that is unseen, the quirks that we are so unwilling to fully acknowledge. Here he is guiding you through the underground, flicking lazily though records, until all of a sudden his eyes meet yours and you know you would jump fences, sit on rooftops, anything. The things you always almost did until he gave a little nudge, let you know that you too can live by his rules. You say nothing of that, you just stroll along, as he lets you into his world, as the possibilities spread under your feet. Exchange a few words, glance at the reflection of you. Break some rules.

This raw approach by Sofia follows Sam Copeland's editorial capture of Oliver from a couple of week's back. You now know Oliver the model, and Oliver the boy. You lucky thing.

Words by Liz Ord .

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