Ally In Portraits

26 August 2015

‘It was the place in the city that I was completely at ease shooting in and I wanted to use that advantage to capture some really raw and relaxed moments.’

Eyes that are filled with unanswered questions and promises, a mind full of hope. This is Ally. Deep in thought, gazing out towards the lens and beyond. Gently and comfortably leaning into his everyday, natural poses. Calm. Collected. Gentle and honest.

Photographer Jingyu Lin captures Ally Fallon at D1 Model Management in this intimate and laid back portrait series. She snaps away in the comforts of her temporary London home to help create a relaxed and calm atmosphere. No styling, no team. Nobody to interrupt the natural flow of the photographer and her subject.

Described as a ‘go with the flow’ kind of guy, Ally allows Jingyu to step into his world and capture some beautifully organic and real moments all with utter ease, allowing her to achieve her goal of capturing the raw atmosphere. Today's serving of momochome bliss, brings a familiar veeling of absolute comfort and effortless chilling. We all need this, those daily moments. Moments where everything is simple and responsibilities seem distant, possibly berried beneath the tallest mountains. These are the moments to live for.

Words by Katy Thomas.

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