Ain’t No Spice For Issue 8

17 June 2015

What are we going to do today? An overcast of grey clouds are saying to stay inside, but the dullness of the day needs to be filled by the company of others. Texts are sent. Calls are made. Doors are knocked on. No plans of excitement or adventure are made, but the group is together. No one gets left behind, even when it’s a day of nothingness.

Across 16 pages in Issue 8, Georgie Wileman documents growing up in England. Recording youth with honesty is a difficult task between a photographer and a stranger, but when it is of someone close to your heart, it simply works. The impact of a sister photographing her brother is tied in with the unity of friends, producing natural behaviours from familiar company and a relaxed atmosphere. With candid manner, this is purely friends hanging out on the street where they live, trying to figure out what to do with their time. The mundaneness of a grey day is captured so calmly and naturally, making us long for the days of nothingness. To be with friends and do nothing at all.

In the search to uncover what lies beneath and discover the truth of the modern day young man, Issue 8 combines documentary features in conjunction to stylised editorials. A series like this holds something of a muchness that a fashion story does not; it exhales raw, truthful heart and soul. The heart finds its place within these images. Issue 8 “The Trouble With Boys” is available online and in shops now.

We stand together, we walk together, we move together. Never feel alone, we are always there.


Words by Tim Sprague.

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