A Look Inside “The 4th Floor”

1 August 2012

Our Collectors Issue "The 4th Floor" is now available for purchase and last week we revealed the beautiful covers featuring Luke Worrall (D1) and Matthew Bell (Elite Models London). The publication, shot by Cecilie Harris, features 13 stunning boys, all photographed in Cecilie's 4th floor flat. The collection of photographs shows the boys in an honest and raw way, capturing aspects of their personalities during their adolescence, with all the purity, insecurities and cheekiness you'd expect.

We're giving you a peek inside with a selection of the pages. To own a copy with all 12 chapters (including a previously unpublished chapter - Chapter Zero!), you can buy a lovely hard copy for your coffee table or your bookshelf here. It smells pretty good.

Chapter 1: Elliot Stevens (Select)
Chapter 2: Jack & Tom Dunbar (Oxygen)
Chapter 3: Luke Worrall (D1)
Chapter 10: Mikey Colliss (Elite Models London)
Chapter 12: Matthew Bell (Elite Models London)

4th Floor_Elliot1213
4th Floor_Twins2425
4th Floor_Luke3233
4th Floor_Mikey9697
4th Floor_Matthew110111
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