20 Boys By Girls Office Issues

7 August 2014

This feature will be a little bit different than our usual features. I have been given free range by our Editor-in-Chief to "have some fun". As I have been working for three months at Boys by Girls Magazine, I sit on the floor round the coffee table with a cup of tea in hand (as you may see in many of our Instagram posts) on my last day in the office typing up this post. Inspired by the features on Buzzfeed.com and Fashion Intern Problems, I thought we'd have our own fun creating 20 problems we often face in the Boys by Girls office. Are you with me? Yes, ok. Let's do this. PS. Our system can't handle gifs (add that as issue number 21), but you get the point.

While it might be a little selfish to write this, I look back over the good times and the bad times. There have been moments when we’ve cried with laughter in the office, times when we’ve had to transport 3 metre copper poles on the underground, to occasions when we’ve gone in desperate search for wifi to get the daily post out on time and when Tilly (the office kitten) has tried to eat our hair a little too many times. So enjoy this random feature as much as I have enjoyed my time at Boys by Girls. And I hope you get to know a little bit more of what it is like to work in the Boys by Girls office (flat/living room floor). It's been a good one!

20 Boys By Girls Office Issues

1. When you meet the office kitten - *too cute for words*

2. Boys by Girls Castings - Okay so not really, our castings are a little more inviting. We offer the models a cup of tea, a seat on our floor and a chat about their feelings.

3. When a model turns up 4 hours late - Excuse us?

4. When the only shop close by is Tesco - Yes this means living off bread for the next 3 months.

5. When you have to interview a model who doesn't speak much English - We like to take the smile and nod approach.

6. When Mollie's laptop turns off for the fourth time of the day - Have you tried turning it off and on again?

7. When Joey and Anders pop round the office at the same time - Party time. We bring out our best cups of tea and a potato for Joey.

8. When you know you’re going to be up all night editing - Ah the joys of London Collections: Men.

9. When you have a casting for 20 boys and they all turn up 10 minutes before the end of the casting - DUH.

10. When you had a shoot yesterday and you know one of you is going to have to do returns for once - *ducks and hides*

11. When the internet goes down in the office - Yes this has happened and yes we trekked around Battersea to find Wifi, in the end we settled for the nearest pub.

12. When you have to go hunting around Battersea for a model because they couldn't find the office AGAIN - Seriously!?

13. When there's a spare invitation to a party and we're allowed into the public - Interns hit the town.

14. When you get chosen to be the photography assistant for a shoot - hehehe.

15. When you have group of male models in for a casting - Models are tall. I feel like a dwarf.

16. The three nights of staying late at the office because of LCM - While everyone hits the parties in town we have three nights ahead of us, but at least we're fuelled with pizza and Chinese food, right?

17. Rosie and Mollie on the train home after staying late - Yes we stuffed our faces with onion bhajis and poppadoms and yes people on the train made remarks. But who cares when you have Indian food.

18. The day after LCM has ended - After three nights of staying late and working a Sunday we still have work the next day, but we must soldier on!

19. Your last day at the Boys by Girls office - It will be an upsetting one. But we all know it's not really your last one, as everyones still welcome to pop by for a friendly chat to talk about their feelings and stuff.

20. Saying goodbye to the office kitten - Again *too cute for words*

Words by Rosie Williams.
Images from Giphy.

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