The Naked Poet

20 December 2011

Max Wallis (Boss) is definitely one of our more creatively connected models. Who else in our stack of stunning models would have a book pamphlet of poems he has created available on Amazon? Obv Max, and we adore him for it! His poetry is already receiving fantastic praise from his audience.

Along with him lending his creative mind to those who are in need to be touched by eloquent poetry, he also lent a photographer one of his many other skill sets, his ability to look good in front of the camera. He participated in a photography session by Annabel Williams where he (also among other poets to which were to do the same with different female photographers) posed nude for a calendar created to raise money and awareness for type one diabetes.

"Allow Yourself This One Day" is the last poem in my first book, Modern Love, which was published in July, 2011. It is set at the end of a fictional relationship between two lovers after they've gone through the trials young-lovers do: cheating, sex, alcohol. I wanted to focus on the idea of what you do to 'get over someone' - there's so many different ways, but I always think it best to allot a certain amount of 'woe time'. You're allowed to feel like shit for one day, but after that get on with life, or so I hope ... It was published in Popshot Magazine in October.

The below image is from the calendar I participated -- you can read more about it in this Guardian article.

Oh do forgive us..... we forgot to give you a nude-Max-pix warning!

Read Max' poem "Allow Yourself This One Day" below:

If you enjoyed Max's poem as much as we do and want to buy his book "Modern Love", you can do so here.

And if you want to help raise money, bring awareness to type one diabetes and own a calendar with Max in it, then jump to this link.

We can't wait for Max to send us more of his poems so we can share the loverlyness!

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