Fashion Week With Jordan Burman

24 January 2012

We are so excited for this model story! The lovely Jordan Burman (Select) shares his Milan and Paris Fashion Week travels with us in these exclusive behind the scenes images. We also caught up with him to find out exactly what it is like being a cool model dude jetting around Paris and Milan for castings and shows. Enjoy!

You mention this was your first season in Paris/Milan, how did you find the overall experience?
At first it was quite daunting but after getting where I had to be and seeing all the other guys, I relaxed as enjoyed it. It was an exciting experience altogether.

Fashion week seems to be a whole lot of queuing and waiting. What are some model tips and tricks with surviving all these queues!?
Yes, some say Paris and Milan is a three week long queue! As long as there's some people you know there it's all good. Or if there isn't, make sure you have an iPad/iPhone/iPod or something to read. The time will go a bit quicker too then.

Describe your busiest day in Paris or Milan.
Milan was where I had my busiest day. I had 8 castings, 2 callbacks, a 2 hour fitting and an hour fitting. I manage almost all of it but missed one casting. It was a successful day!

Calvin Klein casting...

What was your favorite experience so far during your Paris/Milan stay?
Dolce & Gabbana in Milan was good fun. All the models, staff and collection were amazing!

At which casting did they spoil you the most?
It was probably the D&G rehearsal. We were getting paid to be there, practicing our walk on a wicked catwalk, plenty of food and drink and then we got to go. Some other castings like Ann Demeulemeester provided some drinks which was nice too.

So Dolce & Gabbana! Woooo! Tell us more about that experience and how awesome it was.
It was WICKED! First season and I booked D&G. I was like a little boy getting his first big toy! The venue was beautiful, got hair, make-up, manicure, D&G tracksuits and underwear etc. I could keep going on and on. They all are very nice people and it was a pleasure to get to walk for them!

Describe what it's like to be on the catwalk.
Normally I get nervous, then the adrenaline kicks in and you feel good. I loved every moment and you've got to remember how many eyes are on you!! Once you get off the catwalk you just want to go straight back on again!!

Do you have any Fashion Week Tips for any other models doing it for the first time?
Be patient, be kind and enjoy it as much as you can!

What are you looking forward to next?!
'm looking forward to getting home after a long 3 weeks away. Being back with my family, my girlfriend and my friends. I've also missed A LOT of stuff like my bed and a good meal!

We do get to have a laugh, chill out and have a beer, or two, or three. You decide...

Dolce & Gabbana booked. My outfits... very happy boy!

Daunting catwalk at Dolce & Gabbana rehearsals. Especially if it's your first season!

Moschino and Pringle of Scotland castings and me on the wall in agency... Yay!

Some say fashion week is a weekly long queue... sometimes that's true.

Me for Dolce & Gabbana - probably the only photo I have of myself!

So much love for Jordan for sending us his exclusive behind the scenes pictures!

Jordan B_MS22v2
Jordan B_MS29
Jordan B_MS40
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