David Varcoe, The Illustrator

6 December 2011

Some days David Varcoe (Elite) is an amazing model. On others, he is also a super cool artist. You can see some of his modeling work last week in this editorial by Cecilie Harris. We took some time to do a little exclusive interview with 'Dave The Rave', as he nicknamed himself, where he chats to us about his awesome artistic skills and shares some of his work.

Hi David, we hear you're from an awesome country. Tell us about the awesomeness of it!
Yes, Norway is the name! Our national dish is a goats head boiled with beer … I say no more!

We also hear rumours that your drawing skills are as fierce as your modelling. Is this true?
Is that so? I am more clumsy than Mr.Bean, and drop more things than a drunk waiter... I guess I have a thing for holding a pose and holding a pen!

What do you draw?
Everything I draw is freehand with pen so I never know what to draw until it is done. I tried sketching once.. but I feel like my art turns out better if I give my best to every stroke. And if I fuck up I change the failed part to an illusion of something else!

How do you get inspired?
Some need drugs, some pressure and other depression. I believe that creativity comes from feelings and memory mixed with imagination. To trigger the artist in me I need music that takes me to a state of mind where I disappear in my work and forget the world around me.

How long have you been drawing for?
I started drawing around the start of 2011. At the time I was really short on cash and had just moved out of Oslo to a very quiet town by the ocean. I found a pen in my apartment and drew on the backside on some old bills. I loved it so I went to the store and bought a drawing pad.

What else are you passionate about?
Longboarding, music, traveling, photography, writing, FUN, friends and family and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!

What is your favorite colour and why?
Black and White because everyone says they are not colors! THEY ARE!

Did you play with lego as a child? We're just wondering. If yes, please tell us a lego story?
Of course!! I LOVED lego. I had a BIG old box full of it! The other day on my way to a date I saw kids playing with lego right by the dock, they were trying to break the world record for something so I joined them... forgot my date and was a little late! She did not believe me when I said the reason was “sorry babe... I was building a lego tower with some kids around the corner!”

Tell us 3 awesome facts about yourself
1. I once stiched up a cut on my foot when I was drunk. NOT a good idea! 2. My nostrils move when I laugh. 3. I have played 14 different sports!

Outside of your shoot with Cecilie obviously, what is your most awesome modeling experience to date and why?
When I got to pretend I was a tiger with a naked lady covered in oil!!! Good times!

Thanks David! Make sure you check out David's awesome website where you can see more of his artwork and updates!

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