Callum And Louis

10 May 2016

Some people bring out the best in you, whilst others bring out the worst. You can be relaxed and totally yourself with one crowd, then uptight, snobby and pretending to be the richest kid on the block when really... you're not. They say you are who your friends are, that they define you, but hanging out with Callum and Louis Ball, we saw nothing but playful banter and an endless stream of teasing from the two brothers as they were photographed for our Spring Summer 2016 issue.

These Supa Model Management boys couldn't be more different. Callum, a sophisticated adult (almost) that wants to lend a helping hand to the world and go on meaningful walks in the park with the girl of his dreams, where Louis sees the world as his future goldmine full of excitement and undiscovered adventures. They display their inner children as they hang out together in a new way, on a work set, in a semi-professional environment; for they were at home after all.

Taking a trip into the rural side of Greater London, Cecilie Harris captures looks constructed by David Nolan. The 'big brother looking after little brother' vibe was present the entire day of this issue 10 cover shoot, and their dad was always on hand to tell a cheeky story or two. Like the time when the boys would make cars out of wood, run down steep hills and jump dauntingly high on the trampoline in the garden.

Callum: “The big questions interest me more than talking about trivial things. Originally I was questioning our purpose and why we are here. Now I’m understanding there isn’t really a purpose."

Louis: “Let’s see who can be the better model.”

Callum: “I’m slightly more chivalrous than this one. I fit the modern way of dating women, and would probably prefer to go on a date to a museum or something.”

Callum: "What’s the enjoyment of getting absolutely out of your head, when you can go to Paris or Japan where they have one glass of wine whilst talking and enjoying their meal?"

Gathered around Callum's mixed stack of science and GQ magazines (he has a subscription) we talk to the boys about the future, past and present for their Issue 10 cover feature. Get your copy of the print issue online and in stores here to read the full story of Callum and Louis.

Interview and Image by Cecille Harris.
Words by Savannah Liu.

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