Video: Jakob For “Lessons”

15 November 2013

Last week we brought you a teaser of the editorial “Secrets” from our 5th issue “Lessons”, featuring the wistfully beautiful Jakob Landvik at Heartbreak Models. This week, photographer Cecilie Harris brings you a poetic video feature which runs alongside her mesmerising stills.

Styled by Lotte Shephard, here we see the story continuing with Jakob exploring this beautifully forgotten and unfruitful landscape who’s frozen lakes and deep dark woods play home to this magical story. We imagine him running off for days on end to his secret escape within a forbidden forest. A place where he dreams up a world overflowing with mystery where his fairytales are free to come to life. We see him taking moments to himself, reminiscent of how children get trapped in their own imagination, forgetting how their bodies move completely absorbed in the world they have created.

Cecilie positions this stunning imagery with haunting Norwegian music by Asne Valland Nordli, which highlights the angelic and poignant spirit of the story. To view “Secrets” in full buy our 5th issue “Lessons” here.

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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