The Boys Of LCM: SS17

14 June 2016
Walk straight ahead. Look straight ahead. Don't stop. Don't pose. No smiling. No eye contact. Do not be casual. Do not be cool.
We see them stony faced marching down the LCM runways but how often do we catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat? Focusing on the boys is our forte and as our favourite feature returns this sunny season *ahem*, we caught up and reminisced with past and recent BBG boys and chatted with the new faces of SS17, accompanied by beautifully informal moments captured by photographer Saskia Pfeiffer (and Caoimhe Hahn). Over the manic four days of shows, presentations and free popcorn, we discovered the insights and personalities behind the faces behind brands such as Topman, Coach, Matthew Miller and more.
What do they like? What do they do? What is their grandmother's nickname? From having dinner with designers and sitting in parks because they remind you of home, to becoming addicted to ulcer gel - the varied and unpredictable lives of male models come together each fashion week in a kaleidoscope of good-looking energy. See what the boys had to say below and learn a lot about grandmas - as quite a few of our conversations were grandma themed. This is the kind of golden stuff you can't live without.

Sol Goss at Supa Model Management

While running from show to casting to presentation to show, LCM for one of the most in-demand faces of the moment is a hectic blur of Topman, Craig Green, Agi & Sam and Casely-Hayford to name a few. Amidst this chaos, Sol Goss from Norwich somehow manages to find time in his busy schedule to miss his birthplace Lasotho and his Grandma Goss (nicknamed ‘G G’).

Kalam Horlick at Elite Models (middle)

Since we last spoke to Kalam Horlick, he has become more accustomed to London life (he barely complains about the ‘sweat pit’ of a hostel room full of 12 boys) and has become addicted to Bonjela. He became ‘hooked’ (pun intended) since shooting the McQueen lookbook and opening the show last season. Still missing Swanseaand his lovely and supportive mum, Kalam finds himself sat in parks because they remind him of home.

Kalam brings life to London Collections: Men with fellow models Alexander Lepik (Wilhelmina Models), who after spending a lot of time at sea when his dad worked for a shipping company, has plans to become a ship captain and drive “a big ass cruise ship” one day and Marten Padama (IMG Models London), who recently bought new shoes and loves running. Alexander also apparently sleeps a lot. 14 hours a day if he can.

Daniel Burtles at Next Models

After our "Quantum Walrus" chat with Daniel Burtles, it was all hugs and giggles as we ran into him again outside the Fengchen Wang show. Following in the footsteps of his 72 year old grandad who interviewed Muhammad Ali, is currently doing an Astrophysics degree, and recently went skydiving; Daniel is an opportunist. His one goal for the LCM weekend: “just to get as many freebies as I can. No shame”.

Montell Martin at Select Models

Montell Martin had a busy season running between Topman, Craig Green, Christopher Raeburn, Tiger of Sweden, Agi & Sam and more - but there is more to this handsome boy than his pretty face. He is starting his own clothing line mixing streetwear and high fashion and has appeared in the music video for Mura Masa’s song ‘What If I Go?’. He even had dinner with Raf Simons during Paris Fashion Week. However, the experience that sticks in his mind was when he turned up late to a circus at the age of 4, and found out that ‘fashionably late’ isn’t the rule in all industries, as he was chased down the road by the Strong Men, wellington boots flying everywhere. Surreal.

Lorenzo Sutto at Elite London

Hanging around for the Fengchen Wang show, half-French BBG boy Lorenzo Sutto has been modelling for 8 months and already is a self-confessed ‘model-in-a-rockband’. Lorenzo dreams of taking his guitar-playing abilities to become a full time Rockstar - with a capital R – who wears cool clothes. Yep, we'll be fangirling in the crowd.

Chariffe Greaves at Wilhelmina Models

We bumped into Chariffe Greaves from South London after he walked the Bobby Abley show. LCM is his favourite fashion week as it means he can go home where he enjoys home comforts, home-cooked food (he is a vegan) and sleeps most of the day. There’s a theme emerging here.

Malik Jalloh at The Squad

Bumping into Malik Jalloh between walking for Fengchen Wang and Matthew Miller, we couldn’t stop him talking about himself – “I’m tall, I’m a model, and right now I’m in London’.

Max Fieschi at Elite London

Max Fieschi sauntered out of his latest show, but told us how much he likes to run – surely a handy hobby during LCM for someone who has been snapped up by big names this season, from J.W. Anderson to Topman. Max loves to laugh and if he was to describe himself in one word it would be…curious.

Francesco Cuizza at Named Models

Francesco is happier now that he has a buzz cut. Born and raised in Venice, he is smart and curious, and would much rather ask questions than answer them outside the Oliver Spencer show. You can learn more about Francesco, his humorous anecdote and prevelant love of Tom Hardy in our recent interview with him "Francesco's Sketch".

Aliou Drame at 16MEN Paris & Finnlay Davis at Elite London

Cheeky chappies Finnlay Davis (on the right) and Aliou Drame (à gauche) took time in between the Topman and Craig Green shows to chat to us and throw some shapes. Paris-based Aliou enjoyed a busy schedule this season (squeezing in Coach, Lou Dalton, J.W. Anderson, Tiger of Sweden and more), while 18 year old Irish boy Finnlay talked about his Coach F/W campaign, as well as pairing up with Aliou on shows such as Coach and J.W. Anderson. We have a feeling those Kurt Cobain-esque glasses are hiding a pair of very tired eyes.

Roy Cooper at The Squad

Rory Cooper from Shrewsbury in Shropshire claims that he is “a very boring person” but after speaking to him after the Fengchen Wang show, his eagerness for a few drinks and the after parties suggests otherwise. Three facts about Rory? “I’m a model, I’m a model, I’m a model”.

Marc Soulez at Success Paris

Marc was spotted in Paris 4 months ago when the scout came up to him and said: “Hi, how tall are you?” Apparently you get used to it. As a 17 year old high school student, Marc is in the middle of his final exams, so is taking a study-break to come to London for the Topman and Craig Greenshows, before flying back to his revision. He can’t live without music all day and all night, whether rock or electronic or rap, and when he is not walking the catwalk, he walks in political demonstrations back in France.

Simon Julius Jørgensen at Elite London

Simon from Denmark took a pause between the Fengchen Wang and Craig Green shows to give us a quick insight into the depths of his character. He makes scones in his spare time (it’s his favourite kind of cake, because it’s kind of like…in-between), his favourite colour matches his eyes - blue, but an icy blue, and his lucky number is 72, which he just got a feeling about. The boy knows what he likes.

Photography by Saskia Pfeiffer and Caoimhe Hahn.
Interviews and words by Jonny Clowes.

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