The Boys Of LCM: Part 2

14 January 2013

Today we share with you the second part of our London Collections: Men adventure, in which we set ourselves the task to seek out the beautiful boys of the three days of shows. While we managed to catch up with some Boys by Girls regulars we also met lots of new faces, and made sure to get to know each and every one of them. They shared with us their experiences from the Collections, opinions on the shows and some super random facts.

Some of our own boys previously featured on the Boys by Girls website were Aaron Gatward (Select Model Management), James Cox (MandP Models), Ben Waters (Models 1) and Dovydas (D1 Models).

New boys for you to lust after were Jester White, (Select Model Management), Noma (MandP), Ben Horsfield (Elite Models London), Nick Daniel Heymann, Niall Underwood (FM Models), Jourdan Copeland (AMCK), Lewis Chesson-Grieve (Nevs Models) and Luke Powell (Models 1).

Thank you to all the boys for answering our questions and supplying us with lots of random facts to make us laugh. If you missed out on the first part of our mission, then make sure you check out all of the beautiful boys here. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

Since being discovered last year, Jester White's (Select Model Management) face has been everywhere, you've almost definitely seen him around! So we were super excited to steal him away from his busy schedule for a few minutes and see what he thinks of his new life as a model.

Jester you are everywhere at the moment. Things seem to be going very well!
I’m doing quite well yeah, can’t complain haha. Luckily I’ve been pushed forwards the right directions.

Have you had a lot of jobs this London Collections?
I’ve done three shows so far, and a presentation as well for Jonathan Saunders. I’m looking forward to doing Milan as well. I’m leaving tomorrow evening because I’m booked for the Kenzo show, but that also means that casting on Friday in Milan is going to be pretty manic as I only have one day to fit it all in. I’ll be running all over the place.

What has been your favourite bit of the year since being discovered in…?
March 2012.

What has your favorite part of the year been so far?
So far I’d have to say going to New York. Nothing can beat it at the moment!

Everyone says New York is their favourite city.
It’s amazing. It honestly is. Like it makes London look small, even though it is quite small haha.

London isn’t small.
It is.

Haha ok – agree to disagree. Do you have a favourite campaign, or editorial that you’ve done?
I don’t have a favourite, but I’ve done Paul Smith’s campaign, and I like Paul Smith as a brand, I like his clothes. So personally, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but it one of the most memorable.

Oh that’s cool, and three random facts about you?
I’m a Jester haha

That doesn’t count.
Yes it does! I like peanut M&Ms. I don’t drink hot chocolate.

Is that cause you don’t like hot drinks?
I just don’t like hot chocolate. It tastes like shit.

Last one!
I like having a good time?

I suppose that could count… maybe… haha!
I like going out to events, that’s not random though. I don’t know; I have two dogs!

Oh cool! Thanks for the chat!

You should recognise the sweetheart that is Aaron Gatward at Select Models from our New Face portrait series we featured just before Christmas. If you didn't see it, go take a look at Cecilie Harris' beautiful photos here.

Hey Aaron! How are you?
Hello, very good, good show for Shaun Samson.

Yeah, what did you end up wearing?
This massive like space age kind of jacket. Big. Hot. Just combat trousers and boots. It’s pretty cool, good show.

Yeah, so this is your first kind of fashion week, how’s it going?
Yeah, it’s good, very good.

What kind of stuff have you been doing?
I did the Mr. Porter presentation yesterday, and obviously the show here today.

Were you one of the boys in a phone booth?
No, I was sitting down in the corner so it was pretty cool, cause I didn’t have to stand up. All the other guys had to stand up. I was just chilling, so it was pretty cool.

Awesome. So other than the collections what stuff have you been up to since we last saw you.
That actual shoot (Mr. Porter) was done just before Christmas. It was a special editorial. Obviously I also did the presentation for them yesterday. I’ve got coming up on Friday a shoot with Dazed & Confused magazine. Apart from that, I’ve got a mini-shoot campaign next week, so it’s pretty cool.

That’s good! Oh my goodness, well done.

And how was Christmas?
Christmas was good. It’s all about family and eating so that’s what I’ve done.

Food is definitely the best bit.
Yeah it is haha. I didn’t really get drunk on Christmas. I saved that for New Years.

Oh of course! Hmmm... I need Ieva. She’s really good at just piping in with a good question right about now.
Anything, go on, I’ll answer it.

What are your next steps?
Just keep going, just keep going! Go and get my face out there, earn some money.

And how’s your music going?
Obviously that’s more in my spare time now, modelling’s taken over now so it’s good. Just trying to do a bit of everything, so music is on the side for the moment now.

Awesome, any final words?
Look out for me!

We also met the amazing friendly Noma at MandP Models, who was super chilled out and great fun to talk to!

So this is your first time in London, what do you think?
It’s pretty cool. I’m really liking it, but I’m sick which kind of sucks.

Aw get better soon! You just did the YMC show, do you have any more for London Collections?
Actually I have three shows tomorrow, but I have to go to Milan tomorrow morning for the Kenzo show, so I’m having to miss out on doing those. But it’s cool, I just follow the money haha!

Can we have some random facts about you?
Okay, well I have some tattoos. I just hide them.

Can we see them? (shows us his amazing tattoos) Oh those are cool!
My friend Dan from London gave me this one for free. I drew this one; it’s a coffin. I really love it, my arm is just covered in tattoos.

Are you’re going to get a full sleeve eventually?
Yeah exactly, that’s what I want. It would be awesome. It’s kind of pricy though.

Have you been modelling for long in Korea?
No I started modeling in New York, it’s been two years and a half. It’s fun, but I wouldn’t say I was special for doing it, I’m just a guy who walks in shows and does shoots.

Have you got any more facts – we only got one!
I like to think I have a good personality. I just have fun wherever I go. Just make some friends, it’s so easy to make friends here; being a model is nice for meeting a lot of cool people, just like you guys! Haha

Perfect way to make friends, lots of compliments! That’s amazing, thanks Noma!

We also met Ben Horsfield with Elite Models London, while he was on a cheeky cigarette break before the Christopher Shannon AW13 show. Read our review of the show here.

So you’re walking for Christopher Shannon?
Yes, I do Christopher Shannon every season. It’s my fourth show now for him now. I also did Astrid Andersen yesterday. I was away for a little while so I didn’t do too many castings this season. I’m shooting for Dazed & Confused next week too so that should be good.

That’s great, we’ll look out for that. Can we have some quick random facts about you?
I used to be a mechanic before I was a model. I do kickboxing, I’ve done that for nine years. Hopefully I’ll go into that professionally, maybe after I’m finished with modeling.

What is that like if you get a black eye or something?
I suppose you shouldn’t really do it if you’ve got anything coming up, but I think it’s good to stay true to who you are, and do what makes you happy.

One final fact?
I love London.

That’s a great fact, are you from London?
Yeah I am; South East, Bermondsey area.

You'll recognise James Cox at MandP Models if you've been following Boys by Girls for a bit. It was great to see him and we'll be doing a feature on him and his band 'Crows' soon, so do keep an eye out for updates.

Hey James, how’s it going?
It’s going good.

How was the YMC show?
Yeah. It was fucking awesome. Hectic backstage, but definitely not the worst I’ve experienced haha!

You’ve walked for YMC before haven’t you?
Yeah I did, I opened for them last year as well.

You opened this season? (We fist bump in celebration) Good job on opening the show! Have you had any others?
I did Margaret Howell this morning. It was really good. It’s a straight like, real classic, grey, black, browns, I had a beret and a sick jacket. It was real nice.

Nice, very nice. How are things going with the band?
We’re going up to Wales tomorrow to work on some new stuff, leaving at 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Just lock ourselves away for a week, then record mid of February.

I’m looking forward to hearing your new stuff. Your music video that you did was cool, bit self-indulgent haha
Yeah it is haha, you could definitely say that. The next one’s not going to be like that, we’re not going to be in it haha, it’ll have more of an artistic direction.

Do you have any words for the Boys by Girls readers?
Go buy the magazine, cause it’s fucking sick.


You might remember Ben Waters at Models 1 from our Phoenix Digital 'Male Model Mondays' feature with him, if you didn't seen it, you can read his full interview here. Meanwhile we had a good chat, and he told us a cheeky story from his time during the Collections.

Hey Ben! How were the Collections?
Really good. I had two really nice looks today, amazing tailored jacket yesterday at McQueen. I’ve worn some good things so it’s fun. I’m looking forward to going to Paris though.

We’ve seen some really good stuff so you should have a look around. Have you got any cool stories from this the London Collections?
At McQueen, maybe that was quite funny. I don’t know, I’ll tell you anyways and then you can choose. All the photographers photograph you before you go out, and I was standing in line, we were just kind of messing around and I put my middle finger up and shouted “fuck you all” to all the photographers, and then I turn around and there is Sarah Burton walking around with a journalist. I think she’s got a good sense of humour. She’s lovely. I haven’t met her that much, but what I have met of her, she seems really nice.

Yeah I think she's quite laid back. Anyways, what are you looking forward to most in the next year? New year, new start?
My new years resolution is be more positive.

That’s a good resolution!

It's always fun when you see a familiar face and the lovely Dovydas at D1 Models was no exception, check out our catch up below! You can also see our portrait series with him here.

Hey Dovydas! How was my hello in Lithuanian earlier, were you impressed?
Yeah it was really good, I wasn’t expecting it! Haha!

How was the Xander Zhou show?
Really cool, I had two looks. First look I wore a suit. Second look I wore black shirt, black trousers with a red winter coat. So it was a really nice look and really nice music too.

Nice and what have you been up to the last few days?
I was in Milan the past two days and I’m going to Milan tomorrow morning.

What else have you been up to?
Other than modelling just chilling with my girlfriend, going to Uni.

Oooh where are you at Uni?
I’m at Greenwich School of Management. I’m studying travel and tourism, so it’s related to modeling ‘cause I’ll hopefully be travelling a lot.

Where have you been travelling?
No I recently travelled to Milan, that was my first time really.

Wow, so where do you want to go next?
India! Yeah, that’s my dream.

What has been the highlight of modelling?
I would say, a month ago I did Vision China magazine, a photo shoot. It was a really big photo shoot so it was cool. I think that was definitely on of my highlights so far.

What do you think you’ll be doing when you back from all the Collections?
I’m staying in London, going to Uni and hopefully some more modeling work, some more magazines and stuff.

Awesome, we’ll look out for you!

One of the many boys that we bumped into from FM Models, 17 year-old Nick Daniel Heymann was a proper sweetheart!

Hey Nick, where abouts are you from?
Hamburg, Germany.

So have you been to London before?
Yeah, I’ve been here for a month, but just for work, never for a personal holiday.

Oh okay, so are you based in London now?
No I’m not based in London, I’m just here for the fashion week – I’m usually based in Hamburg.

So what were you wearing in the J.W. Anderson show?
Um wait a second, I need a way to describe it ‘cause English isn’t my first language… you could say it was a skirt? It was kind of ‘female’ I guess.

Was it shorts? Were you one of the guys’ wearing shorts?
More like a skirt.

With the ruffles?
Yeah, exactly. With a cropped sort of top that had pockets on the chest, which I had to put my hands inside, and then some knee-high boots.

Awesome. So what other shows have you done?
Alexander McQueen which was really nice. I wore a red velvet suit. I also did Margaret Howell, and now I’m off to do another one at The Hospital Club.

Are you also off to Milan later?
Yeah, I’m going to Milan this evening for castings over the next three days.

Can you give us some random facts about yourself?
I’ve played guitar for ten years. I like singing. I like acting. I like cooking. I have two brothers; one big brother who is 19, and a little brother who is 8 years old.

Aw sweet, and do you have a band, or perform your music anywhere?
I kind of had a band. We wrote three songs, but we needed to find a drummer and then we had to stop because I started modelling and it went so quickly.

It was great chatting to Niall Underwood from FM Models, and apparently he's a fan of Boys by Girls too! Even better!

So tell me some things I need to know about you?
I’m from Brighton, I moved to London two months ago to start to Uni. I go to Central Saint Martins.

What do you study there?
I study Fine Art, I’m in my first year of Fine Art degree!

Is it going well?
It’s going spiffingly! (In an insanely posh accent) and I think I’m the only person in my course that went to state school. So yes spiffingly thanks!

And what have you been up to this London Collections?
It’s been kind of busy, I walked on Monday in Craig Green – which was really, really good. And today I was in a presentation with my new German friend (Do not fear! You’ll get to meet Ringo tomorrow). I’ve also been tweeting for Dazed & Confused, #DazedModelArmy.

I’ve seen that, what was that about?
They asked like 10 of us to cover the London Collections from a model’s point of view and do some backstage tweeting. So I’ve been doing that, it’s been kind of interesting.

Oh fun! So of what you’ve seen from the Men’s wear, what’s been your favorite so far?
I just literally came back from Matthew Miller and it was fucking sick. It was so, SO good. Also today I saw Qasimi, and it was amazing. I liked what they did with the hair; It looked cool.

It worked really well with the atmosphere they created and when you looked at the guys from different angles they were almost silhouetted. It was beautiful.
I just think the arrangement - you know as I study Fine Art haha - and something I look at quite a lot in this setting is the presentation, just the way they set the show up was amazing. It looked like a proper piece of performance art, in a way it was like McQueen. It sort of became something else. From the models’ point of view as well it must have been pretty cool.

Thanks Niall!

20 year-old Jourdan Copeland at AMCK Models was an absolute pleasure to meet!

Are you looking forward to walking for YMC?
Yeah, yeah definitely, cause I did it last season in June, so I know what to expect. It’s a really cool label.

Are you doing any other shows over the three days?
I’m doing Christopher Raeburn tomorrow, and I did Astrid Andersen yesterday. Should be going to Milan on Wednesday for castings.

That’s cool. And three really quick, random facts about yourself?
I support Arsenal. I’m a pastry chef, and my favourite car is a BMW.

Awesome, Thanks Jordan!

We were very impressed that Lewis Chesson-Grieve at Nevs Models had already been in 3 shows when we met him - he'd only been modelling 4 days!

So how long have you been modelling for?
4 days.

4 days? Wow!
Yeah I just scouted 4 days ago.

And you already got a show?
Yeah this was my third.

Third in 4 days! We’re very impressed. So which shows were you in?
Matthew Miller, Craig Green, and one other.

Cool, did you enjoy them?
Yeah quite cool, such buzz, such buzz. It’s quite surreal really.

Do you have an interesting story behind how you got scouted, considering it was 4 days ago?
Not really, I was in London, and a bloke called Steve came up to me and it went from there.

Where are you from originally?
I’m from Kent.

Can we have some random facts about you?
I play guitar. I used to do karting.

What kind of music do you usually play?
I’m into the Libertines, Pete Doherty, Noel Gallagher. I went to Pete’s gig once, I crowd surfed to the front of the stage. When I got on I got chucked off by security, before I got chucked off I shouted “I love you Pete,” and he stopped singing a minute and said “I love you too son,” and then carried on singing.

Aw that’s an amazing story, thank you!

When we met the super cute Luke Powell at Models 1, he'd only been signed for a week! Get to know him below.

Hey Luke, so you just did the Shaun Samson show, how was that?
Really good, it’s the first show I’ve done, so, brilliant.

What were you wearing for the show?
I was wearing knee high boots, shorts, a shirt with a woolen jumper over the top with a waist coat with a hood. Like a bomber jacket, know what I mean? Then a neck brace and earmuffs.

What are you most looking forward to?
I like doing runways modelling. Really excited to do more of that.

Have you done any shoots?
I have done one so far.

Finally, three random facts about you?
I’m 20, I’m from Rotherham, which is near Sheffield … and I can put my leg behind my head.

Haha wow! (unfortunately we didn’t get to see the trick... boo)

Photography by Ieva Blaževičiūtė.
Words and interviews by Hannah Fickling.

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