The Ball Brothers For Issue 10

6 May 2016

Sometimes it's just a love-hate thing. Coat-tailing behind you, copying your every move and wanting nothing more than to be a total bad-ass just like you. Younger siblings look up to their elders as if the world's axis lays on your shoulders alone. Brothers: forever linked through family ties, there is no denying the blood line. As much as you try to deny it, they're a spitting image of you too; a modern day snapshot.

Callum Ball and Louis Ball at SUPA Model Management grace the fashion cover of the Boys by Girls anniversary tenth issue 'Muse', in an intriguing series portraying their relationship as siblings. Photographed by Cecilie Harris, she captures the opposite ends of the personality stick that these boys portray. Callum is the soft, elegant and mature boy that has visited Peru to help local communities, and sees the world through his philosophical education. Already having been a Burberry campaign boys, he is eager to share the spotlight with his younger brother Louis. On the other hand, Louis is blind-sighted by riches and all that glitters. He wants to see the world from a snug little boat... or perhaps a plane? Let us not forget that this isn't the first time Louis has appeared on our luxury pages. He was in Issue 9, as part of Cecilie's 'Lullabies' project. Moving on from this, him and his brother welcome Boys by Girls into their home, and as they sit on the floor of Callum's room, the team observe his neatly lined shoe collection in awe.

Louis yawns as Callum talks about books, museums and other things, but he can't hold his tongue for long as he blurts out the fact he thinks his older brother is an old man... followed by an adorable flurry of giggles and mile wide grins. This is a documentation of boyhood through the bond only brothers know. A small teaser shared below. To check out their appropriate banter and obligatory competitiveness in full, see and read the full 12-page cover feature in Issue 10, 'Muse', which is available both in stores and online here.

Grooming MIKE JOHN O'GORMAN using Wella Professional and Mac Cosmetics
Models CALLUM AND LOUIS BALL at SUPA Model Management

Words by Savannah Liu.

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