Portraits of Niall at FM Models

23 August 2013

In this series, Niall at FM Models is captured in a punk rock style by photographer Amber Grace Dixon. Following her Denzel editorial a couple of weeks back, this time she delivers an exclusive portrait series to the Boys by Girls viewers, giving us that rebellious and caught in the moment vibe that we all love. Classic polaroid and raw and earthy tones are combined to create images that seem like you could have pulled them straight out of a box hidden up in the attic for years. We adore.

Amber excels in capturing an honest portrayal of the very expressive and cool Niall, as she has him wear his own clothes to capture his vibe for the day. The portrait series is keeping us intrigued while Niall stands out with his gorgeous hair, and sports some very cool designs. Behind his handsome face, Niall is a creative soul, and also wildly entertaining with his daily Twitter that lets you take an inside look into Niall's world. For being our source for Daily fun facts to expressing his love for Tina Turner, be sure to follow Niall's adventures on his Twitter.

Make sure to check out the magic he and Amber Grace created during their shoot together all displayed in the pretty images below.

Words by Wyatt McCollum

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