Portraits Of Eduard

18 February 2015

Story Time.

Have you ever stopped for a moment, stopped and walked slower than you normally walk, taking in things you don’t normally see? Ran your hand through your hair like it was something new, revolved on the spot, simply because you can.

Eduard at Supa Model Management does that just long enough for us to follow. The camera gives us time to trace his steps, slow movements and fast shutter speed. Any moment that deserves that familiar clicking noise will be kept - stored away until we remember nothing of that day, but the way he lent to one side, touched his hair, because it is presented to be used. We traced the light around him, posed? Un-posed? Blended into one hazy memory. As he slows us in our steps, letting us breathe.

We decide which moments are good enough to be kept, to be made into stories. Sandra Gorska fingers decide which fragmented part of Eduardo we will see, what story will be assembled. Words come easy when images slide one into another, she take pictures that evoke words just as naturally as the images were taken.

Take a moment, slow down, let us tell you a story.

Words by Liz Ord.

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