New Face: Nicolas at Oxygen

21 August 2013

We are making the middle of your week a little bit brighter by presenting to you the cute new face of Nicolas at Oxygen Models shot by the talented Lydia Garnett. Lydia recently joined the Boys by Girls team, and we are excited to introduce her eye for beauty in the serene black and white video she shot for Boys by Girls. We are featuring a proper introduction of Lydia next week, so be sure to look out for that.

This exclusive video shows a soft side of Nicolas. The stillness he portrays brings a calm feeling while you watch, as he is quietly taking it all in. Lydia captures a moment that we all can relate to, a time where we take a step back from our day to day routine, take a deep breath, and put our worries on hold. It's the moment when you are most relaxed, and each long breath you take makes you aware of what is important in life. We have been getting this feeling a lot lately, as we sit in the shade and escape the hot summer sun with a nice cold scoop of icecream.

We lost a little track of time as we gazed at our screens, and we found it easy to put ourselves in his moment of calmness. We even have a fun fact for you that you won't get from looking at the black and white capture - Nicolas has bright red hair! Be sure to check out the wonderful Nicolas below, and take a little dream vacation during the week.

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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