New Face: Laurence At Premier

16 October 2013

This week we bring you the very handsome Laurence Ainscough at Premier Model Management. Laurence really is a bright, young thing and you can see his potential showcased in this stunning feature “The Visitor” photographed by Emma Miranda Moore.

Emma's approach to this shoot was based around the idea of being the visitor in someone else's home. We've all been there, sleeping on friend's sofas, relaxing in their bedrooms, making yourself at home somewhere other than your own. The idea of being relaxed but not completley comfortable in a space that is familiar but not entirely yours to chill out in. She exectutes this idea beautifully, capturing the moments inbetween activity in this series of sensitive black and white images.

Stylist Navaz Batliwalla keeps Laurence's look simple and relaxed with a wool polo by Raf Simons for Fred Perry, and adds hints of luxury with designer Lou Dalton, and creates a cool edge with Dr Martens and Vintage pieces. The overall look of the shoot hints towards the art of couch surfing, an art one must embrace whilst possesing the beauty of youth.

Above Laurence wears: Mohair Sweater by DR MARTENS, Tartan trousers by LOU DALTON

Above left Laurence wears: Duffle coat by MACKINTOSH, Pique polo shirt by RAF SIMONS FOR FRED PERRY. Left: Washbag by HERSCHEL

Above Laurence wears: Mohair Sweater by DR MARTENS, Tartan trousers by LOU DALTON, Suede shoes by YMC

Above left Laurence wears: Tartan trousers by LOU DALTON, Washbag by HERSCHEL. Left: Wool polo shirt by RAF SIMONS for FRED PERRY, Jeans by H&M, Suede shoes by YMC, Vintage belt by BLITZ LONDON, (Socks, model’s own)


Lou Dalton
Dr Martens
Peter Jensen
Blitz Vintage
Raf Simons for Fred Perry

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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