New Face: Bogdan At Nevs

11 June 2014

Photographer Sophia Kahlenberg captures the charming Bogdan at Nevs Models in this beautifully classic series. The striking images has a hint of a romantic feel about them, created through Sophia’s use of gradual tones and angular lines shaped by the lighting and Bogdan. Sophia's series really shows how working with Bogdan often turns into a collaborative project, as he connects with the projects he is involved with. As an artistic soul he brings a new dimension to the images, working with the lines and light available with ease.

The photographs are styled simply not to detract from the angular movements of the model. As is the grooming with Bogdan’s hair left slightly wet. The model doesn’t need anything but a simple grey tee and leather biker jacket.

Bogdan’s personality is truly beautiful as he states “I can see beauty in all faces”. The Ukrainian model also loves cats (yay!) and has three back home. In addition to modelling Bogdan is also a talented illustrator, which is perhaps why he is able to create such interesting and angular movements with his body. This model is truly talented indeed. We adore!

As Bogdan leaves he says “I feel as if London is my place, it’s sad I have to go. Though I will be back.” We’ll miss you too Bogdan and look forward to your return.

Words by Rosie Williams.

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