Milan Fashion Week

22 January 2012

It's that time of year again! As Fashion Weeks begin to grace some of the world's capitals, we take a look at some Boys by Girls familiar faces spotted looking fabulous on the catwalks in Milan last week. Also don't miss a very cool Fashion Week video directed by Luca Finotti included below.

Costume National Homme

Pavel Baranov and Josh Tuckley walked for Costume National Homme who played with layers and textures in their AW12 collection, adding a modern twist to their heritage style. Traditional garments such as blazers and jackets were restructured to form a contemporary yet classic collection.

Emporio Armani

Heavy in black and featuring sharp tailored jackets and the smoothest of suits, Armarni's collection was reminiscent of a 1940s Italian crime story. Long coats and polo necks were teamed with berets, fedora hats and leather gloves as Sebastian models below.

Below: Sebastian Sauve for Emporio Armarni and Pavel Baranov also for Costume National.

Calvin Klein

Italo Zucchelli's collection for Calvin Klein presented oversized coats and block colour designs. The bag strap as modeled by O'Shea Robertson below features real alligator suggesting the twist to this collection lies in the detail.

Hooded jackets and jumpers added a sporty touch to the stunning Calvin Klein formal-wear. Here showcased by Sebastian Sauve.

Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli's AW12 collection impressed with a mix of influences and prints. The collection incorporated animal skin, drapery and a mix of stripes including chevron as seen on Samuel Tingman below. A true reimagination of texture and the silhouette.

Below: Brendan Ruck in Corneliani.

Dolce & Gabbana

Decadent, elegant and embodying a swaggering masculinity. Dolce & Gabbana completed their collection with baroque embellished fabrics and textured velvets, felts and woolen jackets, beautifully showcased by Jordan Burman & Adam Prucha. This was a real collaboration between heritage and modernity.

Frankie Morello

Frankie Morello campaign boy Sebastian Sauve showed off the range of influences in Morello's eclectic AW12 collection. Opening with a jacket encrusted with spikes, the mood turned from suits to the bohemian where designs played with knitwear, layering, textures and an Asian influence.

Vivenne Westwood and Trussardi

Complete with icey hair and beards, Vivienne Westwood's AW collection was evidently inspired by David Attenborough's "Frozen Planet" television series. With plently of layers yet staying true to Westwood tailoring and shape, the collection certainly recreated the idea of the explorer whilst addressing the important environmental issue of climate change.

Showcasing a real 70s influence, Trussardi presented snakeskin, high waisted chinos and aviator sunglasses. Browns, blues and reds dominated the collection and a few Ron Burgundy moustaches even made an appearance.

Sebastian Sauve looking stunning on both catwalks.

Daniele Alessandrini

Showcasing muted and subtle colouring this collection focused on tailoring and the combination of textures such as fur, cashmere and velvet. Heating up the catwalk we saw Adam Prucha and Pavel Baranov in layered jackets teamed with patterned knitwear, demonstrating a practical yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Diesel Black Gold

Reimagining the rock n' roll style, Diesel Black Gold revved up the style with biker boots, chains and leather as can be seen on O'Shea Robertson. Tailored suits will never be the same.


The bowler hat and braces combination dominated Iceberg's AW12 collection and shades of blue prevailed adding that boyish touch. Slim trousers teamed with chunky knitwear and duffle coats provided a layered winter feel.

Below: Adam Prucha and Samuel Tingman.

Moschino and Pringle of Scotland

Rossella Jardini lead Moschino's collection alternating between bold prints (including an entire redbrick printed suit) and more neutral elegant tailoring. Whilst remaining true to Moschino irreverence, Jardini's vision added a more pronounced sophistication that would be sure to turn heads. On the catwalk: Josh Tuckley.

Design Director for Pringle of Scotland, Alistair Carr brought masculinity, strength and a touch of cherry red to this season (as seen in William Potter's outfit below). Texture, colour and cropped leather trousers provided key elements to Carr's creation with unforgettable charm.


Decadent and inspirational, Versace decked the runway with bold, bright and confident designs that permeated every aspect of the show. Jackets covered in chains and embellishment, printed trousers, leather and chunky belts triumphed throughout. On the catwalk: O'Shea Robertson

Z Zegna

Paul Surridge's first collection for Z Zegna showcased sleek lines, contemporary fabrics and a fresh colour palette that channelled the modern gentleman. Perfectly showcased by Misa Patinszki.


Pavel Baranov showed off the perfect mix of cool and classic in the DSquared FW 2012 collection. We love the traditional patterned elements and classic shirts and cardigans, mixed in with cool denim and more modern elements.

Well done boys!

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And if that wasn't enough to wet your Fashion Week appetite, check out this awesome video below by director Luca Finotti. "Taste.IT / The Boys of Milan Fashion Week" feautures some of the coolest boys from this season's Milan FW show castings:

Models in order of appearance:
- Simone Nobili
- Leebo Freeman
- Samuele Visentin
- Diego Fragoso
- Ryan Barrett
- Jamie Wise
- James Smith
- Andrea Preti
- Sebastian Sauvé
- Jeremy Wardlaw
- Patrick O’Donnell
- Lowell Tautchin
- River Viiperi
- Jonathan Marquez
- Bradley Soileau
- Julian Schratter
- Jonathan and Kevin Ferreira de Sampaio
- Milo Spijkers

Costume National_Paveljosh
Emporio Armani_Sebastian Sauve Costumenational Pavel
Calvin Klein_Oshea
Calvin Klein_Sebastian Sauve
Corneliani_Brendan Ruck Roberto Cavelli_Samual Tingman
Dolce Gabbana_adam Jordan B1
Frankie Morella_Sebastian Sauve
Vivienne Westwood Trussardi Sebastian Sauve
Daniele Alessandrini_Adam Pruchapavel
Dieselblackgold_OShea Robertson
Iceberg_Adam Pruchasamueltingman
Moschino_Josh Tuckleywilliampotter
Versace_OShea Robertson
ZZegna_Misa Patinzki
DSquared_Pavel Baranov
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