LCM: Katie Eary SS16

16 June 2015

Childish, playful and full of colour. The quiet and demure space that is Victoria House show room allowed for Katie Eary to burst into the space with her bright and expressive collection that wowed us all. Cockabilly was the word she used to describe the collection (yes we typed that right) and this certainly peaked our interest as soon as we received an invite in the post in the form of a condom. This sums up Katie’s collection perfectly, it’s full of vibrant and overt pieces designed to immediately capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Undeniably Katie Eary is always one of the fun shows. It’s playful and lively, and this year was no exception. My little pony and Elvis appeared to clash right before our eyes and this brilliant combination meshed together to create a world of fun and sparkles. Layering clashing prints, juxstaposing primary colours meant that nothing settled with ease on the boys, and we were continually drawn to examine and question just what the fabric was doing.

It was also brilliant to see some familiar BBG faces. Bjorn at Models1, who was on the cover of Issue 6, opened the show for Eary and Darwin at Storm who features in our most recent issue (available here) also walked the show. Lovely.

Eary left us feeling young and excited again. Her collection epitomized the cocky youth of today juxtsaposed against the naive innocence of my little pony prints. The clothes were brash and wildly expressive, and they made for a brilliant show.

Words by India Opie Meres.
Photography by Cleo Glover.

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