Issue 11 Out Now!

28 October 2016

How many times has someone said that “you have your whole life ahead of you”? Possibly patronising and definitely daunting. Whereas people tend to spend winter reflecting, looking back on the year while nursing regrets or smug satisfaction, we say it’s a time to forget your fears and look forward to the unknown of the future; that exciting mystery that niggles in the back of your mind throughout adolescence.

Following on from the ‘Big 10’ landmark release, our eleventh issue anticipates the next ten, turning the pages onto the next chapter of our story. Our Autumn/Winter magazine mingles timeless, yet trendy fashion with authentic photography that captures the beauty of the boys in our stories. Themed ‘Imagined Songs’, our band of inspiring female photographers ponder over the never-ending flight of growing up and ask the boys how they anticipate the sounds and echoes of the next verse of their lifelong song.

With the world as everyone’s oyster, for the past six months we have spread our feelers as far as we can stretch, reaching for talent and beauty internationally to find those boys ruminating on the boundless possibilities of the next step. We have ended up with the creation of an issue that travels further than before, in both a geographical and temporal sense, filled with more talent than ever; actors and musicians who share the poetic sincerity of our tune.

Fronted by fashion cover boy and sultry Dutch model Ingmar van der Meulen (IMG Models), this issue encapsulates a word in Dutch – ‘gezellig' – that cannot be translated. It is a feeling, a homely spirit, a state of being somewhere between cosy and comfortable, honest and satisfying. As the light begins to fade and you start to keep your socks on in bed, this issue is the ideal snuggling companion for those long winter evenings when you see the mist surround the street lamps and hear the gentle rain tapping your window sill. The inherent musicality that runs through the theme and dances on the pages is represented by British musician Tom Odell, who gleams on our talent cover and hums the air of growing up in his exclusive and very honest interview.

As we keep growing and becoming available in new spaces, this time we have printed more issues for you guys that are available across the world. Especially good news for our American readers, from this issue we will now be stocked in Barns & Noble across the US! So it should be even easy to find us this time. One step closer to our AW16 treasure.

Songs used to be the original form of storytelling, relating the past and events of bygone days. But let’s not dwell - let’s put aside old memories and make room for new melodies, as we sing about the future. Imagine all the possibilities.

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Above: Shirt by Alexander McQueen.

Photography by Cecilie Harris. Fashion by David Nolan.

Issue 11’s talent cover features talented British singer-songwriter Tom Odell. In his reflective interview we look back to his roots amidst all his international success. In his cover feature, accompanied by Editor-In-Chief Cecilie Harris’ beautiful photography and Fashion Editor David Nolan’s classic styling, Tom reveals his personal experiences growing up, as well as the hidden messages behind his new album "Wrong Crowd". His musical aura brings the pages to life and will have you whistling with bliss as you flick from front to back.

T-Shirt by Saint Laurent, Trousers by Margaret Howell.

Photography by Cecilie Harris. Fashion by David Nolan.

Our fashion cover is fronted by model Ingmar van der Meulen (IMG Models), who walks fresh from the runways of Gucci and Burberry into the folds of the magazine, bringing a rockstar edge to the pages in a hedonistic yet humble editorial. In true BBG style, we sink deeper and find the softer side to Ingmar, cherishing his nostalgic longings for his home on a tiny Dutch island.

Words by Jonny Clowes.

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