Daze Of Nathan

3 June 2015

Have you ever woken up after being lost deep in the thoughts of your mind? Your eyes fixated, body language still, beyond realities presence. These are the moments that are yours. Where you can create a world you want to be in. As this series comes to life, Anne-Sophie Guillet’s mind runs through a string of questions related to a subject on the construction of identity. What defines us? How are we constructed through the eyes of others? Or better yet, how do you identify yourself? Is the construction of identity defined from a distinctive characteristic or a feature of an individual? Or is it just a label, socially constructed by external factors of what people can see.

Fresh-faced to the modelling scene, Nathan at Flag Models has delicate movements and unique features, which transforms these images into a series of fleeting moments. Also studying drama, we watch each frame combine into a performance maintaining the same subtleness and beauty throughout. Anne-Sophie captures Nathan in a neighbourhood of Saint-Gilles, Brussels, homogenously blending in moments of introspective search. Through those glimpse of returns, something fragile and natural is revealed about Nathan.

Photography Assistant MAELLE COLLIN

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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