8 August 2022

Photography Klara Waldberg
Fashion Freya Monro Morrison
Words Starlight
Grooming Nadia Altinbas
Styling Assistant Eleanor Lott
Talent Harry Kirton at 777 Casting Management

Sunlight seeps through blue skies meeting tall golden grass and grazing the painted red freckles and twisting curls of Peaky Blinders star Harry Kirton. Piercing eyes steal glances at the lens of the camera, capturing the playfulness of Harry, framed by the gentle caress of nature. The tall grass bends for his unapologetic confidence and discreet grace residing in comfortable bones.

It is clear that Harry is no stranger to the lens, his presence capturing the viewer as pale skin painted in shades of cosy brown and white soaks in bright sunlight, creating an ambience of clarity and peace. A light breeze penetrates the serenity of deep silence, rustling the amber meadow in waves, guiding the actor to traverse through the grassland. Colours seep into Harry's attire as he trades soft threads for a long golden coat, the tail dancing as he seeks the warmth of the sun.

The light reaches to meet smooth speckled skin, creating a stark contrast against the painted blue sky as colourful eyes admire and search a distant point not quite captured. The untravelled path of grass steals the attention away briefly in a careful balancing act, our wandering actor now dressed in thick amber stripes, as he makes his way through the yellow pasture towards the protective shade generously bestowed by a quiet grove as Klara Waldberg follows closely behind.

Now sharply dressed in a crisp button up and loose vest, accented against the mosaic of green and flaxen, Harry's thoughtful eyes reach upward as rich sunlight steadily dips between long branches. Reflecting on smooth leaves and catching the tips of reddish brown curls, Harry’s surroundings here are softer and brighter than the Birmingham streets he usually roams on among the set of Peaky Blinders. As Klara steps back to capture the moment, he peers through the embrace of nature and finds his place within the untamed grasslands one last time, before returning to the faster pace that most of us live in.

BBG x Harry Kirton 26
BBG x Harry Kirton 17

Above Left: Harry wears Jacket by EVERLANE and Jumper by CHAPS at THRIFTED and Rings throughout by BLEUE BURNHAM
Above Right: Harry wears Trench coat by SAALECTION, Jumper by ARMANI JEANS at THRIFTED, Trousers by STUDIO NICHOLSON and Earrings by PINEAPPLE ISLAND

BBG x Harry Kirton 18
BBG x Harry Kirton 12

Above Left: Same as before
Above Right: Cardigan by HOUSE OF SUNNY, Vest by CDLP, Necklace by BLEUE BURNHAM and Earrings by PINEAPPLE ISLAND

BBG x Harry Kirton 14
BBG x Harry Kirton 16v2

Above Left: Vest by CDLP, Trousers by ORIOL CLAVELL, Necklace by BLEUE BURNHAM, Earrings by PINEAPPLE ISLAND and Shoes by HOGAN
Above Right: Same as Above

BBG x Harry Kirton 25v2
BBG x Harry 11

Above Left: Harry wears Jacket by EVERLANE, Jumper by CHAPS at THRIFTED, trousers by STAN RAY at GOODHOOD and Shoes by VEJA
Above Right: Same as before

BBG x Harry Kirton 03
BBG x Harry Kirton 20

Above Left: Harry wears Shirt by SAMSOE SAMSOE, Vest by STUDIO NICHOLSON, Trousers by BURBERRY at THRIFTED, Shoes by GRENSON and Earrings by PINEAPPLE ISLAND
Above Right: Same as before

BBG x Harry Kirton 21v2
BBG x Harry Kirton 07
BBG x Harry Kirton 13v2
BBG x Harry Kirton 22
BBG x Harry Kirton 19
BBG x Harry Kirton 05
BBG x Harry Kirton 08v2
BBG x Harry Kirton 04
BBG x Harry Kirton 01
BBG x Harry Kirton 09
BBG x Harry Kirton 06v2
BBG x Harry Kirton 15
BBG x Harry Kirton 23
BBG x Harry Kirton 10
Boyss By Girls x Harry 2
Boyss By Girls x Harry 24

Above Left: Same as before
Above Right: Jumper by PAUL & SHARK at THRIFTED, T-shirt by SUNRAY at GOODHOOD and Earrings byPINEAPPLE ISLAND

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