Zach and Jose for Issue 11

5 December 2016

Photographer Trisha Ward
Fashion Siobhan Lyons at Serlin Associates
Fashion assistants Sophie Stewart and Holly Carver
Grooming Liz Daxauer at Caren
Models Zach Norton and Jose Luis Lucero at AMCK Models
Words Tim Sprague

The term ‘life is too short’ is used to evoke an adventurous flame that burns through fear and squeeze more from our days. But life is the longest thing we will ever come to know in our existence, so why are we always in a rush? We want to become the masters of our field by the age of 22 and to have discovered the meaning of life by the age of 25. A hunger for growth, and to leave behind the days of youth and prove to people that we can make a mark on this earth. Perhaps another approach, instead of rushing through life, the future can be left a bit more open. What if instead of finding the uncertainty that sits between where we are and where we want to be quite terrifying, it could simply inspire? For issue 11, London based photographer Trisha Ward greets Zach Norton and Jose Luis Lucero at AMCK Models as they sit on the doorstep of their teenage years, capturing them with an autumnal nostalgia.

Absorbing the feeling of not being in London (you know, that feeling of clean coastal air and not having that person behind you grunting because you're not walking fast enough), Trisha explores the surroundings of Zach's house safely outside the city, while listening to the concrete greys and haze of city lights that paint Jose’s childhood. Both boys come from contrasting upbringings, but share a strong awareness of what their generation has become. The dawn of social media has created a world that is more focused on making themselves look successful than actually being successful. However, Zach and Jose have reached an age where they can now see through these imagined realities of pretending to be a character from Chelsea. Refusing to conform to be like 'other people'.

Zach: “Why would I want to be like everyone else when I can go and do my own thing? People don’t want to be judged so they follow it all, but as soon as you shut that part off and take on the attitude of ‘I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me’, you can live so much easier.”

Jose: “I express myself through clothing a lot. I never used to be able to leave the house without thinking i couldn’t wear a certain item, especially because of where I’m from, but then I stopped worrying about people questioning me and everyone around me just came to accept who I am. People just don’t let themselves get to the point of not caring, but it’s all about finding comfort in yourself and the normality of taking the chances that are in front of you."

The wisdom in their words makes you forget their youth, but neither are forgetful of it and are in no rush to decide what they are going to do with adult life. While Boys by Girls Magazine showcases photography of an emotive, poetic character, the real secret of the magazine is the honest voice of an editor who wants to listen to the stories of the people she meets; a comforting voice that greets words with the warmth of an old friend and corresponds with shared stories, guidance and a Norwegian giggle.

In issue 11, we continue the melody of who the modern boy is of today, but hum to the imagined possibilities of what the future may hold. To view the full visual editorial of Zach and Jose, including further notes from Cecilie's conversation with the boys - ’Imagined Songs’ is available online and in selected stores.

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