Wednesday Walks

13 October 2017

Photographer Jade Danielle Smith
Fashion Timothy Allen
Words Brogan Anderson
Model Benjamin Lessore at SUPA Model Management

Life requires a lot of maintenance. Balance is essential and depicting the wants and needs of those whose attention you desire can be a lot trickier and demanding than initially expected. An escape is welcome. An escape in the form of luminous greenery, thick shrubbery, and winding, unbeknownst paths. Benjamin at SUPA Model Management indulges in the crisp freshness of the outdoors, his unquestionable bond with nature, captured for just a nugget of time. Four-legged strangers encountered on these broken trails, fellow passers by revelling in the invigorating country air.

London based photographer Jade Danielle Smith captures the moments of content isolation, enjoying ones own company in the solace of the great outdoors. A mellow tranquility with no pretences, a happy solitude with just oneself. Here he doesn’t have to pretend and impress, he welcomes each season with familiar openness. He embraces summer’s warmth before wrapping up in the arms of crisp autumn, leaves crunches satisfyingly under foot under a golden haze. Winter leaves a pleasurable bite, before spring uplifts him into a new year, rejuvenated and exhilarated. Every hour it’s a different landscape, the animate wildlife never keeping still - they have things to do.

Stylist Timothy Allen goes for a dressed down approach, adding to the comfort of each of these moments. Benjamin walks in comfort in garments from Cos, Cheap Monday and Weekday amongst others. They just work together, an accustomed uniform. Deepest secrets mulled over and considered during long mindless walks without a worry of them being heard by anyone else’s ears. Nature is your companion, your comrade and the only one who simply gets you.


Above: Benjamin wears Top by WEEKDAY, T-shirt by CHEAP MONDAY and Trousers by LOOM


Above: Benjamin wears Jacket by COS Top by WEEKDAY Trousers by COS and shoes by NEW BALANCE


Above left: Benjamin wears Top by H&M, Vest by TOPMAN and Trousers by COS
Above right: Benjamin wears Top by WEEKDAY, T-shirt by CHEAP MONDAY and Trousers by LOOM


Above: Same as above

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