Under the Sun

31 May 2018

Words by Amy-Jo Breach
Photographer Assistant ANTONIA ANTONIO
Styling Assistant CAITLIN ANDERSON
Model JAMES DOBSON at PRM Models

Suffocating humidity wraps around your throat and constricts your ribcage. Sticky skin gripping the fabric you wear and sweat dripping down your neck. Inside a hollow concrete cage, the only solace is a cool stone wall or numbingly frigid tiles. Deadly claws of stifling humidity poke around abandoned structures reaching for life to drag into the airless heat. The endless torture of warm bodies suspended in clammy cold sweats pushes the mind to delirious destinations – can you survive?

Circling the building searching for a charitable draught is James Dobson at PRM Models, resting frequently as the consuming swell of stuffiness becomes too much to bear. Trailing his fingers along the building’s bones, James accepts every flake of paint and crumbling of brick. Groans drift in and out of earshot as the walls protest unwelcome guests. In collaboration with Graduate Fashion Week, recent graduate Victoria Koydl photographs James against the carcass of what used to be; a worn building lost within memories of life and chaos - now restricted to watching imaginary vultures swirling overhead. Creating a beautifully raw series, James and Victoria give an opportunity to every empty room offering relief from the blazing sunshine.

Stylist Su Shan Leong creates modern and weather-appropriate looks without imposing an anachronous discord between James and the aged edifice. A new graduate himself, Su Shan styles James almost exclusively in fashion from this year’s graduate designers. Timeless garments and pinstriped pieces echo elegance and a promise of lasting an eternity, while oversized shapes and clean cuts pinpoint a moment in time and fashion. As the sun begins to dip lower in the sky, the fading blanket of warmth is lifted. The shadows begin to chill and the breeze gains courage. As night falls, the moon wipes away the sins of the sun and allows life to creep out from hiding. The smell of sweat lingers, as the first breaths of crisp air are sucked in and released.

Clothing is mainly from this year's Graduate Designers.


Above left: Shirt by SOPHIE FIDALGO, Trousers by JOSH ROLSTON, and Shoes by ASOS.
Above right: Knit Jumper by BRONWYN MUIR


Above left: Jacket by ALEXANDER E. JONES and Trousers by HANNAH WILLIAMSON
Above right: Jacket by MARIA HASSAN-ATTAH


Above left: Coat by JOEL SEE YAN LOK, Shirt by ASKET, and Trousers by BRONWYN MUIR
Above right: Jacket and Dungarees by MARIA HASSAN-ATTAH, Shirt by ASKET, and Shoes by ASOS


Above left: as before.
Above right: Long Shirt by JOEL SEE YAN LOK, Trousers by BRONWYN MUIR, and Loafers by LAUREN HALLWORTH


Above left: Knit Top by LOTTIE EDGAR
Above right: Shirt by ASKET, Trousers by JOEL SEE YAN LOK, and Shoes by ASOS


Above: Knit Top by LOTTIE EDGAR and Hat by NOMVELO T. DLAMINI


Above left: Knit Top and Trousers by LOTTIE EDGAR, Hat by NOMVELO T. DLAMINI, and Trainers by ASOS
Above right: Jacket by ALEXANDER E. JONES, Shirt by ASKET, and Trousers by HANNAH WILLIAMSON

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