The Menace Diaries

10 September 2018

Photographer and Director JADE DANIELLE SMITH
Grooming EIJI SATO
Words Amy-Jo Breach

Hanging in a courtyard feeling fifteen again; backpacks as goal posts, a scrunched-up jumper as the ball, and mates as divine trinity - players, ref, and crowd. Splintered windows line the walls with ‘NO BALL GAMES’ posing with false authority screwed into brick. Local vandalism sure has something to say to the red and white signs. Disobeying every rule becomes an art form. One-upping each other becomes a game. Who can do better? Who’s braver? Who isn’t scared? The echoing boom of a ball hitting wall becomes the new challenge. Who can kick the hardest? The reverberations a surrounding cheer applauding the one who creates the loudest bang. The winner receives short-lived glory; the next tournament takes over.

Jade Danielle Smith chases and photographs Martin, Mackenzie, and Denon with high energy and reckless laughter, as the boys stir up mischief in all environments. Stealing trollies and climbing telephone poles - their feral need for intrepid escapades shows no remorse. Punches, scrapes, and bruises rooted in their death-or-glory demeanour. The mettlesome schoolboy nature appears in full force when shenanigans linger; testing their unflinching valour with deeds of skylarking. Injury pales in comparison to the solid approval from brothers. Camaraderie fuelled through displays of respect.

BMX'ing to the park surges adrenaline through veins, and licks of freedom release invaluable endorphins. What else are lazy summer Wednesday afternoons for? Nathan Henry styles the lads in outfits suited to their rough and tumble tomfoolery. When soles grow tired and shoulders ache, resting on a grassy bank mimics a grand throne room. Brazen-faced boys enjoying a local order of fish and chips coddled in newspaper, washed down with corner shop energy drinks, parodying an opulent banquet. Martin, Mackenzie, and Denon’s daily audacious actions are almost as menacing as the geese coming for their chips.


Above: Martins wears Jacket by CHRISTOPHER SHANNON. Mackenzie wears Jacket by CALVIN KLEIN PERFORMANCE. Denon wears Track Top and Trousers by LIAM HODGES and T-shirt by FRED PERRY


Above: Mackenzie wears Gilet by ASICSTIGER, Jacket by REPRESENT, Trousers by MCQ and Shoes by PUMA at SCHUH. Martins wears Jeans and Jacket by CALVIN KLEIN JEANS, Underjacket by FRED PERRY and Shoes by NIKE at SCHUH. Denon wears Tracksuit byBEN SHERMAN X HOUSE OF HOLLAND and Shoes by PS PAUL SMITH


Above left: Outfit as before.
Above right: Martins wears Hoodie by PS PAUL SMITH


Above left: Denon wears Puffer Jacket by TOMMY JEANS and Track Jacket by BEN SHERMAN X HOUSE OF HOLLAND
Above right: Mackenzie wear Jacket by CALVIN KLEIN JEANS, T-shirt by MCQ, Trousers by TOMMY JEANS, and Shoes by NIKE at SCHUH. Denon wears Gilet by TOMMY JEANS, Underfleece by MARTINE ROSE X NAPARIJRI, Jeans by LEVI's and Shoes by PS PAUL SMITH


Above left: Martins wears Hoodie by MCQ, Top and Trousers by REPRESENT
Above right: Denon wears Gilet and Hoodie by STONE ISLAND and Trousers by DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN. Mackenzie wears Hoodie and Trousers by STONE ISLAND. Martins wears Hoodie by PS PAUL SMITH


Above left: Mackenzie wears Jacket by DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN, Hoodie by STONE ISLAND and T-shirt by SUNSPEL
Above right: Martins wears Hoodie by MCQ, Top and Trousers by REPRESENT and Shoes by VANS

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