The Marcus Impulse

19 December 2016

Photography Assistant KIANNA EVANS
Below Introduction Matthew Regan
Model MARCUS SIVYER at Select Model Management

Crossing the concrete platform at Battersea Park station, it seemed like any other day to Select Model boy Marcus Sivyer. Little did he know that the hands of fate had their plans cut out, and a mediocre train ride would lead to a land of possibilities. All it takes is that initial belief from another in order for you to hurtle towards your intended destination. The key to Marcus’ success is his glowing personality; one of humility, yet with an inspiring drive at his core. With an infectious energy and a dash of naivety, that initial flame of creativity has been inside Marcus since the beginning. Few people have that rare spark, that craving to learn from the unfamiliar faces that accompany the journey.
For this extension of his interview feature in issue 11, Sophie Mayanne dives head first into the new world that Marcus has carved for himself. Like the wind, his mind wanders into new spaces - swirling in and surprising those who witness his sheer drive to express himself. Crossing new planes and arriving fully intact, his cheeky grin still radiates the remnants of boyish positivity. Here in the marshland, he connects to himself again; making sense of the sphere he’s merging into and the powers that have been unleashed within.
Like Caravaggio’s Narcissus, Marcus rests into his reflection; yet with eyes closed, blocking out the frontiers of vanity and instead accepting himself for who he is. The ideal person for himself, perfect in his imperfection. A sleepy dream ensues with sunlight pouring into his retinas as he pauses for thought. It’s a time of reflection, but also one to bask in the glory of his efforts. Never afraid of vulnerability; that’s what makes at true boy of a new generation of young men. Like the elements, he pulses his creativity out into the world without hesitation, only kindness. Floating on the weightless currents, you can sense the momentum of his personal metamorphosis.
Stylist Dasha Kova channels this unique combination; the free-spirited boy and his new success in the fashion arena. Minimalist silhouettes and muted tones are a sophisticated twist on his refreshing aura of youth, that filters out through small fragments of his personality. It’s in the adornments of small, unfussy tattoos on his skin decoding the severity of the clothing. It’s that unexpected harmony between a modest London boy and the echelons of style.
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Above left: Jumper by A.P.C.
Above right: Jumper by XANDER ZHOU, coat by A.P.C.


Above: Shirt by MATTHEW MILLER, trousers by McQ by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN


Above left: Shorts by KATIE EARY
Above right: Jacket by DIESEL BLACK GOLD, trousers by XANDER ZHOU, trainers by CONVERSE


Above: Coat by MATTHEW MILLER, grey hoodie and greay sweater by ACNE STUDIOS, trousers by A.P.C., trainers by CONVERSE


Above left: Jacket by DIESEL BLACK GOLD
Above right: Coat by MATTHEW MILLER


Above right: Jumper by McQ by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, jacket by DIESEL BLACK GOLD


Above: Jumper and jacket as before, trousers by KATIE EARY


Above left: Jumper, jacket and trousers as before
Above right: Jumper by McQ by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, jeans by DIESEL BLACK GOLD, boots by DR. MARTENS


Above: Shorts by KATIE EARY


Above left: Jumper and jacket as before
Above right: Sweatshirt by ACNE STUDIOS, denim jacket and jeans by DIESEL BLACK GOLD, boots by DR. MARTENS


Above: Jumper by XANDER ZHOU, coat by A.P.C.

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