The Gatekeeper

2 October 2017

Photographer MANON OUIMET
Model GERON NORD at SUPA Model Management
Words Berit Warta

It doesn’t matter how old you are, leaving home always presents a big change. Cutting securities and enduring bonds. Left alone with a loose string, obligated to settle somewhere else to feel complete. As human beings we instinctively try to protect ourselves. For some, the unknown feels frightful. How was it for Geron? Photographer Manon Ouimet captures the SUPA Model Management boy, as he temporarily leaves home for his ongoing model journey, settling into a new unknown.

The excitement tingles like ants marching in your tummy. Your plane has just landed, and an uber finds a route to your new home. As you turn the key in the door, the ainticipation grows to a new high. Who waits inside? Who will be your new temporary family for the next few weeks? The life of a model means new friends and new make-shift brothers around every corner. Sometimes you feel at home and sometimes you feel like a stranger. This time, for Geron, there is warmth. A place that feels like home, a new area to call his for a while. Warm tones surround him, and Manon lets her lens document every comfortable new resting place. He is the gatekeeper of the house who looks after them all.

Stylist Saaniya Sharma adds a wardrobe that gels with the environment - yellow, red and purple tones. From Brøgger and Topman, to Neil Barrett and Acne Studios, the layers drape him in colour. New cuts, new shapes and new silhouettes - this is the altered 'him' taking on a new role in his current dwelling. He danced with them in the space, and brought them back to earth. Independent, but utterly loyal, he is their new protector.


Above left: Coat and Scarf by BRØGGER
Above right: Blazer byBRØGGER and Trousers by TOPMAN


Above: Trousers by TOPMAN


Above: Coat by BRØGGER and Trousers as above


Above left: Coat by BRØGGER and T-Shirt by ACNE STUDIOS


Above: Coat by BRØGGER


Above left: Blazer by BRØGGER and Trousers by NEIL BARRET
Above right: Coat by BRØGGER and Trousers by ZEGNA


Above: Coat and Blazer by BRØGGER and Denim Jeans by DIESEL

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