Ten Minutes of Loneliness

17 February 2017

Photographer Sophie Hemels
Model Olaf Roukens
Words Rosie Williams

Olaf Roukens is photographed by Amsterdam based photographer Sophie Hemels in this exclusive series for Boys by Girls.

Reflecting over Sunday morning lights. A meeting of the mind, as Olaf awaits his days companions. The ticking ten minute wait, as time and space leave comprehension of the week's happenings. Settling in a place of idea, the parks cool wind bracing his sunned face. Suffocation slowly creeps, radiating throughout his body, wincing over hazy memories of the weekend, whilst harmoniously amusing at alternative moments. Flashes of loneliness, even just for a second. As passers by are grasped by his thoughts. A rapport of distant looks bring familiar feelings, as time waits.

Olaf Roukens is photographed by Amsterdam based photographer Sophie Hemels in a city park. Embracing a high contrast black and white composition, Hemels focuses on the boy, capturing his moments of pure spontaneity; his thoughts, his deliberations, his authenticity. Bestowing the surroundings of the landscape, Sophie makes use of the graphic and striking lines of the parks apparatus, eloquently structuring the images. The photographs; a now material in hand reflection of the days affair; their relationship, if only one of ten minutes. Olaf’s confident glint grasps at the camera, locked onto his glimmering reflections of the deep brown. A cheeky smirk and playful squint, standing strong, relaxed - hands in pockets.

Dressed in a rustled Nike thrown-on sweatshirt, the boy picked up from the night before. The rush of a Sunday morning. Late as alarms are silent; relying on the mind. Grabbing a beanie and black chunky brogues - done. The morning run from apartment to park, for then it seemed like time did not wait. Even if now in this time of reflection, it's quite different.

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